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Are your dolls replaceable?

May 24, 2011

    1. I don't mean whether or not you have limiteds or whatever, I mean if one of your dolls were destroyed somehow, would you buy the same sculpt to replace it and name it the same thing? Or are your dolls irreplaceable to you to where you couldn't bring yourself to just buy a new one and feel the same way about it?

      I don't think I could every replace Tovarious. I'm just too attatched to him. If something happened to him I wouldn't just be able to buy another AOD Chi and call him Tovarious and feel the same way about him. I'd feel like it wasn't fair to his memory and that this was just a cheap copy of something worth so much more to me than the money I've spent on him. If his body were damaged, I could get the replacement parts needed, but if he were completely destroyed, or if his head were damaged beyond repair, that would be it for his character. His face is where his heart lies. I wouldn't care if the new head looked exactly the same, I would know it wasn't really him and it would make me sad.

      Does anyone else feel this way about their dolls, or am I just overly sentimental?
    2. My dolls are all irreplaceable- I know many here use dolls simply for their characters, so its not the resin their attached to so much as their representation. However I have always felt the character belongs to the doll, not the other way around. So if something should happen to the doll... well, that would be tragic, and the character would obviously die with them. But, I might replace the mold, as the previous dolls twin :3
    3. I would be incredibly sad if something happened to completely destroy one of my dolls, especially one that I have had for a long time like Noble or Aric, but I could replace any of them. I would even replace the limiteds. If I couldn't get the exact same mold I would try to find another mold that fit the character. My dolls are just shells for characters that existed long before these dolls did. I love my dolls and am attached to them, but that attachment comes from my love of my characters. As pretty as the dolls are they wouldn't hold my interest without the characters. The character will continue existing even if I lose interest in doll collecting altogether.
    4. Yes, I've already had to, once. Shaial fell and faceplanted, so I bought him a new head, and now his old head has become an entirely different character. >.>;;
    5. It depends on their characters -- how developed they are, how close I feel to them etc. I did recently reshell one of my characters -- her original body wasn't damaged, I just wanted something different for her, so I have no issue simply getting another body for a character if need be. That said, there's a lot of attachment to some of the bodies, and in the case of my first doll I definitely associate that particular body with his personality. If something happened to it, I'm not sure what I would do, to be honest.
    6. Couldn't have said it better myself. This is exactly the way I feel about my dolls, even the limiteds.
    7. Well, my dolls are not shells for characters but all of them would be incredibly difficult to replace and cost a fortune. I don't even like to think to think about it. And I wouldn't want to find other molds- other molds wouldn't do. I bought them FOR the mold.

      The only thing really irreplaceable is the custom paint jobs on a few of them. That would suck to lose. A lot of it I did myself.
    8. I had never really thought about it until reading your question. But now that you mention it, I do have some that are
      absolutely irreplaceable.
    9. No, mine are absolutely irreplaceable. I don't know what I would do if I lost one of my resin kids.
    10. Strangely enough, I'm not completely sure. Dolls are totally different from pets, that's for certain.

      I did see that DM made a new Kid (Roo) that actually looks more like my doll's character than the sculpt I have her in now - which is actually pretty nutty being that her character developed AFTER I bought the doll... But I'm not sure if I'd go for it. I don't know.
    11. They are definitely replaceable. To me they are just pretty little toys. Unlike most people here (i think) my dolls don't really have characters or even names for some. They just sit there and look pretty and make me feel happy. If one was destroyed I'd just buy another doll to sit there and look pretty.
    12. the character's are not replaceable I wouldn't buy another doll even if its the same mold and name it the same name as the one I lost. But I would buy another and make an entirely new character. The new doll would make me less sad, but I will always miss the one that got destroyed or sold.
    13. Unfortunately for me, I do not own standard sculpts, so, many of my dolls are literally irreplaceable. For those that are not too expensive to replace, I'd be perfectly fine with buying a new/undamaged/better modded doll to replace the old/damaged/badly modded doll. And the character may transfer because I'm generally lazy about character creation...
    14. Technically I suppose I could say they were replaceable (though my event head would be difficult to replace), but emotionally, no. I've always been the sentimental kind, I could never just replace one of my dolls now just like I could never just replace one of my stuffed animals as a kid. Get new ones, yes, but replacements, never.

    15. They're all generally replaceable to me, but the new ones still wouldn't be quite the same. They'd keep their names, but I'd know they weren't the original doll. They would be like Kamiko Ver. 2, Bonbon Ver. 2, and so on. :P I'm just too sentimental about my inanimate objects!
    16. It depends on the doll.

      Most of mine are replacable. Even the limiteds. It might be difficult or expensive, but it could be done.

      Except maybe in Lux's case. And it isn't just because he's got the most sentimental attachment to me either; Lux is a doll whose skin-tone has been discontinued. Chances are it will never be released again, and even if I did find the same doll, same skin tone, on the Marketplace in the odd situation, I still have odds stacked against me. His customizer is Marketplace banned, and dealing with her was not a pleasant experience. Nor could she replicate his modifications in the same manner, or could another artist (or combination of artists) do the same work to the same standards. Then, he's also yellowed and lightened in a specific way. It happens to be perfect for his character's skin tone.

      Replacing his Soom MD hands would be hard. So would his eyes, wig, outfits, and accessories. But at least, in those cases, I feel it wouldn't be next to impossible. Which is more than I can say for the actual doll. He's truly one of a kind.
    17. My dolls are irreplaceable. Their characters initially arose from their sculpts and appearances, so the char is very "embodied" in its resin shell. If I do something to the doll, it happens to the character; if that doll was destroyed, the character is as good as dead. I can't change a sculpt and keep the char. Not even replace the old doll with a newer but identical one: that particular sculpt, skintone, face-up, overall "presence" IS that char -- I don't think I can see that newer doll the same way.

      In particular: Syr, my Crobidoll Lance girl, is quite a distinct hybrid. I will not be able to replace her exactly as she is.
    18. Sure, mine are replacable. The only problem is that some of the dolls I have are very rare. I mean, I don't think I'll ever find a Gomidoll Iru again. Haven't seen one in the marketplace for years.

      The characters and the shell I bought for them are definitely seperable, though. My first character, Lord Alikaj, was an IH Soo Ri before he became an Elfdoll K-ss. Same character, different sculpt: no problem. I just don't want to loose the dolls I have right now.
    19. I guess in the sense that I can get new ones if they should happen to be damaged or destroyed, almost all my dolls are replaceable.

      Cassie isn't - she was a limited doll and even the basic version is out of stock now and probably never will be sold again.

      Luken - well, the company is no longer in business but I do have a spare head and body (lucky me) so I guess, he's still replaceable. Would have to find a face-up artist who can do a face-up that comes as close to the company face-up as possible.

      Morgan - basic Akando, so definitely! Even the custom face-up's replaceable. I got plenty of pics and so does the artist who did it, I guess.

      Tharesion - might be tricky. The head's a Minimee head (Zachary Quinto) and really hard to find. Plus, it's modded so - dunno if he's replaceable. I guess he could be replaced, though, by simply ordering another Zachary Quinto Minimee.

      Celaran - no, definitely not. Another Minimee head and I do have a spare one but that's the only two heads world-wide (didn't get more than those two at that time). And I'm still planning to have the second head modded slightly, so each of them would be unique.
    20. For some of my collection I would be able to replace them..... I think :XD:

      The difficulty with quite a few of my dolls is that I bought them because of the exact way they look. For example, I could never replace my AS Vera - she's my 'oldest' (as in I've had her the longest) doll and even if I could get another one that looked identical it wouldn't be the same. With some of the others... I bought them for their face-up or colour or the sentiment (I have adopted a few dolls from friends!) as well as the sculpt so to simply replace them with the same sculpt wouldn't be... quite the same to me. The characters would just continue on shell-less, or possibly be re-shelled with a different doll, but I couldn't replace them with the same one I think...