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are your dolls too "precious" to enjoy?

Sep 11, 2008

    1. how much do you worry about the consequences of really enjoying your dolls, do you worry a lot about them yellowing and getting dirty?
      i have read so many posts about people being afraid to even handle their dolls without washing hands and wearing gloves, or keeping their dolls in their boxes at all times except maybe to photograph.

      i love having my dolls out and about so that i can enjoy them. i love looking at my dolls (they sit on top of my "entertainment center" where i keep tv etc.) they are not directly in sunlight, but are not in a darkened room either. also there is smoking in my home, and that worries me the most. i suppose there is also a danger of them getting "knocked off" onto the floor.

      but, my reasoning is this: i didn't spend so much time and money on collecting my dolls to keep them hidden under my bed in their boxes. part of me thinks i should protect them and keep them hidden away, but then it would feel as if they didn't exist.

      i do find myself checking them over from time to time as i worry, are the wigs and clothes staining? are they getting yellow? dirty? are they secure? so far so good, and i do feel relieved when i see all is o.k. but how will i feel if i do see some kind of change? will i regret not being more careful?

      so i just got to thinking, are my dolls "too precious" to enjoy.
    2. no i wouldnt say that

      im going to be one of the more careful people with my dolls but im not going to let that get in the way of me enjoying them

      for me personaly just keeping my hands clean before playing with them, and not letting them have alot of sun exposure, keeping the face protecter on when travling and having a magic earaser on hand in case is quite enough for me, and i still think ill find a way to enjoy them, if not whats the point of having them? to say i have a $600+ doll that i never play with or enjoy?? lol
    3. I love my two boys and always have them out. They're either sitting on my bed behind me, or both sitting on my lap while I'm at the computer. I don't always wash my hands before touching my dolls - I only wash them if I have oil or dirt on my hands. I know sunlight is bad for them, but I don't mind occasionally taking my boys outside to take photos of them. Both my boys have had their share of falling over and hitting the ground, though thankfully neither of them has broken anything yet and they haven't experienced any face plants either.

      I'm not sure how I'd describe myself as an owner, except I don't really care much for taking precautions all the time. Laid back? That's probably the best way to describe me. For example, yes, I know smoke will cause my boys to stink and I do try my best to keep them away from my dad (who smokes like a chimney), but I don't freak out if it's impossible to keep them away from the smoke :sweat

      However, I do routinely check to make sure my dolls are all right, so for as laid back as I am, I do still care a lot about them and would be upset if something bad happened due to my own carelessness. Even so, I don't think my dolls are too precious to enjoy. I'll continue handling them the way I do, but keeping common sense and basic doll care in mind of course.
    4. I dont worry too much.
      I take photo and take care of them.
      Just simply wash my hands before playing with them.
      When i take photos its always natural sunlight.
      And i dont mind too much because my dolls have UV protected resin.
      I'm mainly scared of getting there clothes dirty or scratching their faceups XP
    5. Not at all.

      Sure, I DO check them over for stains and all, but if you just set them on a shelf, that takes all the fun of bathing them and getting ahold of them with a magic eraser out.


      I am happy to say, none of my dolls have broke anything yet,*knock on wood*
    6. If I'm gonna be spending the amount of money I have on my dolls, better believe I'm gonna enjoy them and whilst you can't avoid a certain amount of risk when you're doing things like outdoor shoots and the like, at the same time, you kinda have to adopt the "stuff happens" mentality and learn how to fix things that are likely to go wrong.

      I don't believe in cabinet babies personally. My lot have what I like to think is an interesting life and the things I do with them are based around a calculated risk. So no, they're not too precious to enjoy, if they were, it'd be pretty sad don'tcha think? :)
    7. I think I could't touch them with dirty hands and I get worried when their make-up or clothes are dirty after a meet-up... but They're all out of their boxes because I need to see them
    8. nope ^^ i bought her to enjoy her and i clean ehr when she gets dirty form handling, i could see your point if you bought a full set unique or somthing crazy but Miyumi is a delf, lol ( i cant believing im saying 600$ isnt that much!)
    9. I don't worry too much. I take basic precautions--I don't display them in sunlight and I don't leave them standing unattended. I handle them with care, but I do handle them a lot. To me, there's no point in shelling out the money for them if I can't enjoy them, and for me that means being hands on. Besides, dirt will always wash off (though I'm careful not to touch their faceups).
    10. Well humans have oil on their hands so I wash mine before I handle them. It would be sad if everyone was scared to handle their doll, why bother getting them if your afraid to hold them??
    11. I keep mine out of the sun and don't toss them about, but I play with them often, especially the tiny ones. I'm not concerned if their color changes in the years to come because I bought them to enjoy. So far, they look the same as when they were new and I've had the older ones since 2004.
    12. ah, good to know people! i'm glad that all these beautiful dolls are loved and played with.
      i didn't want to feel like an irresponsible owner,but i do so enjoy having my dolls out with me. it's also true that part of the fun of these dolls is the care and maintenance that goes into owning them.
    13. Oh no, I love giving them different looks, changing wigs, eyes, clothes, etc. but I do handle them with care, that is the whole idea surrounding the dolls is to be characterized, played with, and photographed.

      I really think they are pretty tough, overall. I take special care not to let them drop, by using stands or having them pose seated. No one handles them except me, though.

      I probably would be nervous with young children around, but for now I don't have to worry about that.
    14. At first I was a little worried about damaging Saif, but now I play around with him and take him to the backyard a lot.

      I leave him standing unattended way too much >_> But Saif's a pretty good stander, he never falls over because it's his fault.
    15. Yellowing I take as a natural and inevitable part of "life" for a BJD; it will slowly happen over the course of several years even if they never see the sun. It is just the resin settling into its color. So I don't worry about it a lot and will photograph my dolls in the sunlight, but I don't let them just sit around in it or put them by a south facing window. ^_~

      I do wash my hands before handling my dolls, usually. Dolls geting dirty doesn't bother me though as they are so very washable! It's more the clothes getting dirty that I worry about (this is why I never splurge on stuff like BtSSB dress sets, lol). I don't do dry cleaning. :sweat
    16. I'm in the middle. I don't lock them away in a display case or anything, but I'm not tromping around through the park with them on photoshoots either. I have friends who take their dolls to school sometimes, but I only brought Max once for a project. I don't feel like I'm selling myself short though, I just want to protect them.
    17. I would not find them precious to me if they had to be handled in that way.
    18. I dont have my doll yet but I'm gonna have my sleep with me till I make him his own bed then he'll be on my computer stand. I wounder if the old people in the nursing home would like him .... hmm maybe I'll take him into work and show him off to the little old ladies xD
    19. My boys are never in their boxes. Ever. I love looking at them waaaay too much. :whee: They sit out in my room on their designated shelf. I do handle them quite a bit, although not in any way that I would consider excessive. I don't really see the point of owning something that you're so paranoid about "damaging" that you don't enjoy it - I suppose that's just the type of person that I am.
    20. If I wanted to keep my dolls in boxes, I would have stayed collecting Barbie. Of course I'm careful about direct sunlight but I do display and play with my dolls.