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Are your Peak's Woods dolls yellowed?

Dec 1, 2008

    1. Hi!!
      My friend Kyane has a PW Goldie (from May, when they released her). In a period of 5 months her doll became more yellowed than her other dolls.
      We think it's maybe because they change their resin for another one more "sensible"... For example, my griend's goldie has her hands palm pinky and the other side is yellowed...
      I have a Lady Bee from 2006 and she hardly changed her original colour.
      She's so confused. We ask for your help, we would love to know if it happened to someone more. T_T

      Are your PW's dolls yellowed? When were they buyed/made?

      Thank you so much~!!
    2. I have a ws Skiya (ordered 1/08) and she has not yellowed at all
    3. I only have a Peakswood Sky head (on a Custom House body) which, though I just studied it carefully, does not seem to have yellowed at all. However, I don't know how old the head is as I bought it off of eBay.
    4. I have a Cue that I bought in August 2007, she has yellowed a little. The only reason I notced is because I just removed her seams and saw it was a little pinker but not by much where the seam was removed.
      I may be wrong but I think Goldies are suppose to have a golden glow about them.
    5. My Viyol is from 2005 and she is quite yellowed, although I think it's more creamy.
    6. I have a Segi head that I bought about two years ago and I'm sure he's a litle bit creamier white than when I got him but I wouldn't say he's noticeably yellowed. :gingerbreadman
    7. i have a bw peakswood body....and its creamier..but i dont think its turned too much yellower then when i bought. im like its 3rd owner to give you a general idea of its age. O.o;
    8. all but one of my PW girls are white and they have not yellowed at all.
    9. Thank you all of you! ^^
      But I was asking for dolls that were from Goldie's release or newest ^^ I think they changed their resin since then, that's why~~>___<

      Thank you again!!
    10. Maybe it's because of the resin she was made out of.
      I'm waiting on my doll so I wouldn't know much, but Iv'e been told it's because of the light thier in, but obviousely you already knew that.
      Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    11. Hi Habashira, is it possible that you could post the photos of yellowed Goldie?Thanks!
    12. My Goldie is 4-5 months old and in perfect condition :3