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Jan 19, 2017

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      I saw a thread for their 1/6 anthromorphs but not for their human dolls. So this thread is for Little Ifi and Little Lei. I really want to know about these dolls. How well they pose, how well they stand, the general specifics.
      These girls start at only $240 and you have feet options, hand options, faceup option, bust size options... These are the kinds of companies I'd like to see grow. Every company should offer this much when it comes to a doll! And they do layaway!

      LEI & Ifi

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      They come in four bust sizes and six skins (four of which are shown):
      They also do custom skins for an extra 15% you can send them a photo of the color you want your doll to be!

    2. I will add my Little Ifi to this post, thanks for linking me!

      Lavellan is a Little Ifi in Tan skin, with size 2 breast :) I made a short video review that shows off her mobility a bit :D And here's an album with various pics of her (I'll share some of the better ones here in the thread).

      Size comparison with Monster High (I doubt they could share clothes; Ifi is much thicker all around, but possibly shoes for the heel legs!)

      Comparison with Batchix's Clever Little B (elf ears are mods by me, to avoid confusion)

      Here she is in a Barbie dress which I plan to alter to fit her better (mostly shortening the hem and reshaping the plastic breastplate; the velcro gapes in the back because Ifi's waist is a bit thicker than Barbie, but that doesn't bother me, and there's room to fix it if it did)

      Eyes from Dreaming Tree Studios on Etsy, 6mm AD2 in Chestnut

      Long story short, Little Ifi is a beautiful doll, and I want five :XD:
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    3. I love her body shape and the barbie dress actually looks cute on her. I suppose another doll for the list to buy one day.
    4. Her figure is super!:D
    5. She is so lovely in all your photos!

      I'm expecting a Little Ifi in a few months, and when she has clothes, hair, and eyes, I'll definitely post some photos! Mine will be Normal Pink skin, Size 1 bust. I bought the extras of heel feet and fist hands, so you'll be able to see them as well.

      If I really love her, I may have to buy another one because I like the idea of having "twins" or "sisters" like the Popovy dolls. I would get another Little Ifi, though, because as pretty as Lei is, I'm just one of those people who don't like dolls with visible teeth! (not that I would mind another Ifi - I think she is gorgeous, and can look very different with different faceups!)

      Edited to add:
      She's making a large-size male doll! (see album)

      Maybe that means that in the future she'll make a miniature version of him, as she has done for Ifit and Leith. 1/6 men are pretty rare, so that would be really nice!
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    6. Thanks for the link to the large size doll StellaMarigold. :) I'm really liking these dolls.
    7. You're welcome, @clk89!

      I went on an intense internet search when I first heard of them. It's hard to find any information outside of the actual website/Flickr pages, but Lany has been lovely in my correspondence with her (she answers questions thoroughly and promptly), and you can find some owner photos by searching for argodoll / argonautica on Flickr and Instagram.

      For example, someone on Instagram made a very striking "cyber witch" out of her Little Ifi (the instagram account is rose_marinas - if you go to it and scroll down, her Ifi has white/aqua/purple hair and intricate facepaint).
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    8. Thank you StellaMarigold, for posting Zet, I didn't see him. He's okay. I'd LOVE to see more boy dolls in 30cm size!!
    9. I basically broke down and am now paying layaway on Ifi. I'm pretty excited. :)
    10. Oh my goodness, @StellaMarigold, I just saw Zet, he's beautiful. I hope she does make him small, someday! I would snatch up a tiny version of him in a heartbeat! :D
    11. Zet is GORGEOUS, I really hope they make a 1/6 version of him. I need another doll like I need a hole in the head but... You know, my head really would look better if it more closely resembled swiss cheese... :)
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    12. This is probably the best place to ask but where did you get your wigs from? I'm struggling to find anything that isn't blonde and baby-ish - I'm really looking for deep blue, black, or dark gunmetal grey without bangs (so a centre split instead) for my little Ifi.