Update [Argodoll] Dolls 1/3 and 1/6 will be removed from sale on October 22

Oct 7, 2018

    1. I have seen that Ifit 1/3 head was sold out, will she ever be available again?
    2. Perhaps, she will be available on some pre-order event next year
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    3. Is it complete discontinued or will the 1/3 dolls come back for sale in specific ordering periods later?
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    4. Perhaps, some pre-order event will be next year
    5. Will the 1/6 Kio and Pri ever be up for sale again?
    6. Only the 2 in the picture? The Leith doll will still be available after October 22?
    7. Are parts such as bodies also going out of sale? Or is this only for full dolls?
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    8. We don't have any plans to rerelease them at the moment

      No, all old dolls 1/3 are going out of sale, so Leith too

      This is for full dolls and heads, bodies are still available