New Doll [Argodoll] New girl Ifit 58cm has been released

Jan 28, 2016

    1. Argonautica Dolls new girl Ifit 58cm has been released!

      All additional information on the site: Argonautica Dolls Ifit 1/3

      Ifit has many options: four breast sizes, knuckles, heel feet and shins, heel shoes.

      Head and body can also be purchased separately.

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    2. OHHH she's stunning! Do you think that I'd be able to put an Angell studio youth (1/3) head on that glorious, beautiful body?

      She's perfect!
      thank you
    3. Is there a limited order period, or will she be available for some time?
    4. This is basic doll, she will be available this year (or even longer).
    5. She is absolutely gorgeous! Do you have a photo of her blank?