Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. Hello Everyone!

      I want to discuss Argonautica girls, there is new one Leith:
      (I searched for discussion thread, but there are only threads about aliens)

      I have been looking for a beautiful body with small breast size

      and I have ordered Leith [​IMG] She looks amazing and unusual [​IMG]
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    2. When I first saw this new girl, it was love at first sight. She is perfect. I liked first girl as well, but this one is just - must have. I hope to sell one my girl soon and I ll buy her!
    3. I ordered Ifit in the middle of June and just received notice that she is on her way! I asked for breast size 2. Can't wait to try out some outfits and see which fit best.
    4. I still like Ifit better, but both have such beautiful sculpts. I better keep an eye on Argonautica dolls and what they are going to make next.

      Congrats! I hope you will show some photos of her!
    5. I'll certainly post photos! Evidently she's in Moscow at this point.
    6. I have an Ifit head! She's super beautiful. I liked the body a lot but I needed something taller for my character. Here she is on a borrowed body for a photoshoot.

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    7. She looks great! Company face-up?
    8. Oh, that delicate face up on Ifit...:love There is something really ethereal about her...
    9. @phanuel - Yep! That's the company faceup! She did a very nice job.

      @SolInvictus - Thank you! I'm quite anxious for her to have a permanent body!
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    10. I had an Ifit head too. Sadly she was too big for the DC Y03 body I had planned for her.

      She looked great on a DT18 girl body, but this body has another head... so I did sell her, thinking I would buy her once more with her original body, that I find lovely btw...

      I have been told she looked great on a Souldoll Zenith body.

      BTW there are good chances that Ifit will be made in msd size too... You can register by emailing the artist, 10 interested people would be needed and there were only 3 missing last time I had news...

      I am not sure if I will get her in white or in a fantasy color... I have been wondering if she would not be a lovely Mystic in dark blue...
    11. @Skimo - She looks beautiful on the Dollstown body!

      I've tried her on a Zenith body, actually and she does look nice. Resin match between PS and Souldoll NS isn't great though. I dunno about WS. I got mine a Loongsoul body in Pink Skin. I'll let people know if it actually works whenever it arrives. I'm on, like, month 6 of my wait for the thing.
    12. My girl has been in Moscow for the last three days, being "processed". My husband has been teasing me, talking about how they are playing with my doll. Ha Ha. But at least the tracking does work and I'm hoping I'll get her before the end of next week.
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    13. Really excited, I just ordered Leith in Custom tan E! I got her with the medium bust and platform heels :aheartbea
    14. Congrats, @Dreadfulme ! Make sure to take lots of photos when she does come in!

      @phanuel - Hah! You know, mine did the same thing. Maybe the post office really likes dolls over there!
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    15. Received Ifit today! Everything perfect and a free gift of some gorgeous red pumps.
      I'll be trying various wigs and eyes, but here she is in one of her first incarnations.
      [​IMG]Giovanna Battista by Nadine, on Flickr
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    16. Oh wow, she looks gorgeous!
    17. I love her nose and cheekbones. The body is great too, nice and curvy with substantial hips!
    18. Oh, she looks fabulous, @phanuel ! I love the way you styled her.
    19. Thanks, @BlitheFool, red is my favorite hair color but I've also tried blonde on her. Will probably test out some darker shades today!
    20. I'm over here itching for my Leith, haven't been this excited for a doll in a while ~~