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Aria doll - 5 years Sweet discussion thread

May 7, 2011

    1. I just discovered that Aria is releasing 25 cm Tinies! Is someone familiar with this company? They escaped my interest because I usually only have tinies in my doll family :sweat. The new 5 years are soooo cute :aheartbea! They come in white skin & normal skin and you can either order a one-piece torso body or a two-piece torso body to which angel wings can be attached.
      I fell heavily in love with 5 year Cherry!
    2. I saw your link to them. I don't know anything about the company; but I do love tinies and Cherry particuarly has taken my fancy. I hope someone can give some insight into the company :D
    3. have never saw that dolls before....but they seem very nice and cherry is also the one i would say is the cutest ^^
      but they all look very nice
    4. Aria Doll is awesome! I have one of their 14yr Elegance girls, and I love her! Their resin is a really great quality, too with pretty much no seam lines...well, at least my girl's like that ;)

      I'm soooo tempted to get one of these little girls! I had no idea they had tinies either! Hmmm...decisions, decisions ><
    5. I am very tempted to get Cherry too :) I was planning on a YOSD Sara, but Cherry has the similar look which appeals to me- at a fraction of the price hee hee!

      The wings are pretty cute, but not for me
    6. How is the quality ?
    7. Banana has completely stolen my heart, she is so precious! I've been looking at the Aria girls for some time now, and these are just killing me!
    8. what i have read before is that aria dolls is the dolly part of an well known eurathane eye company (i lost the name)
      the dolls where previously on the eye page and some time aftre that it was told that aria dolls was making the dolls, so new page opened, the begun with 60 cm dolls and made other size after that as well, i am not completely sure if it is right what i'm telling here, so please correct me if i'm wrong, but i have been keeping an eye out for dolls from this company and the eye company dolls from the beginning..
      i really love the angel body and like that it comes with two sets of wings..
      i love cherry with her wings and blond wig and white ribbon in her hair, i think i want her exactly like that,lol
      but i have enough dolly's at it is,so hmm not sure but she is cute..
    9. I have a Blair which is a MSD lady size. She is very well made with nice resin. She does have large ears! These little ones are pre-made, so shipping is supposed to be quick!
    10. I have a 7yrs Isabel. I love her so much - she was an impulse buy but totally worth it. She's made of a lovely heavy resin and the white skin I got matches Volks white pretty well. She did come with monster seams, but that was the only drawback. She poses nicely and her hands are so gorgeous!

      With that out of the way...I am completely in love with Banana! I would have bought one already if I had the money right now ^^;. I'm hoping I can scrape together funds before he sells out on the angel body.
    11. Oh man! I've been following this company for some time now. I love the lines of their bodies, it's been the head sculpts that have held me back. But Cherry is just too cute, and that body! :D I am super tempted by Cherry...her face looks a bit like a Volks sculpt, but the body appeals to me more.

      Do they have a nice weight? I love my FL dolls, and my Bambicrony Ciao Bella but I... miss the 'heft'. At this point I'm hesitant to get any doll in case I fall in love with them only to discover they 'feel' the same weight as a barbie. :(
    12. A friend on Flickr posted she ordered Cherry today. I cannot wait to see owner pictures. She reminds me of Volks four sister mold (as previously said), but without the ridiculous high price and she isnt a recast.
      The site does say in stock so it looks like she will be shipped right away. I really like this girl but I want to wait for owner pictures first. I am saving for a possible Volks release.
      Tenshi- I like Banana too!
    13. I'm in for a Banana :)

      I couldn't help it, she is just perfect for a character of mine! Can't wait to see her in person....squee!!!!!!!
    14. Twylight, they have a VERY nice weight! Isabel is as heavy as my Volks MSDs. I don't like light dolls either so her nice heft was a pleasant surprise!
    15. I caved lol! She is too cute to miss :P
    16. Did you order the 1-piece body or the 2-piece one?

      I'm still on the fence if I should order Cherry or not. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anymore dolls within the next month, but Cherry is just too cute! She really reminds me of a mix between my 2 favourite Volks YoSDs Kira and Kanon ^^.
    17. yeah i have the same problem, promissed myself that i couldn't buy dolls for at least a month (bought a leeke msd and two ents all in april, and just got my kaye wiggs layla), but i got enough paypal funds left, and she is very cute, if i don't buy her now and have regrets later i can only get her on the secondary market..
      but i think i wait a bit, have to think about it as i have litlefees, and leeke ents (fairy's) and if i get cherry ith the angel body and wings, not sure where she fit in, maybe i just need to keep al three 'groups' seperate..well anyway sorry for the ranting (i do that if i like a doll) but she is super cute especially the way she looks with the light eyes and blonde wig with white hairband,never tought i would like a blonde wig on a doll (i mostly use reds and browns, lol)
    18. I went with the on body as I don't really want wings or fantasy YO's at the moment, however cute they are. I can't wait :) I presume the faceup just isn't an option, so I shall have to do that myself xD
    19. doesn't she come with the face-up pictured? that's not cool, i really am very bad at tiny face-ups and i just love her witrh the face-up pictured, so if she comes without it i don't think i will get her..

      i think i go and check if i can post on a board or maile them or something
    20. I don't think they offer faceups on any of their dolls.