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Aria Doll October Event (4 Oct. - 4 Nov.)

Oct 2, 2011

    1. Just saw this on the Aria Doll website... They're having two events for October, a rerealease of their previous dolls, plus another double box event. The prices are already up on their site. Here's the info they give:

    2. So, is this a 'buy one get one free' event? I have to admit, I am a bit confused with the wording.
    3. no, their boxes are discounted but it is not buy one get one free. It just means you get two dolls at the same time for a lower price than buying them separately. As far as i can tell this is the only kind of discount/event that I have ever seen Aria doll have.
    4. are the 16yr grace (girl) included? I cant find a way to choose them in any of the boxes. :(
    5. If the body not listed in the drop down box selections, probably not.

      To be absolutely certain, do ask AriaDoll directly.
    6. Near as I can figure the genders are locked for size. So if you try for a 14 year old doll, it has to be the girl version, and if you want a 16 year old doll, it has to be the boy version. The only exception is if you want just the body, you can get the male 14 year old size for that x.x