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Update Aria doll to close

Mar 1, 2012

    1. From Ariadoll:

      This is ariadoll team.
      First , we thank to those all who purchased from Ariadoll.
      Ariadoll always wanted to meet everyone with good news ,

      But we had bit problem with running our shop ect , so
      We hardly decided to close Ariadoll.

      We're very sorry to announce this kind of bad news to every one who loves ariadoll.

      Again, thanks for loving ariadoll and we hope peace and happiness always be with your family.

      ¡ØAriadoll shutting plan

      -Ariadoll will be opened till 31 , march , 2012 and after that order will be not possible.

      -march 1 to march 31 , we'll be reselling every item that was sold out .
      (ariadoll eyes , event item and double box is not part of this)

      - after march 31 , ariadoll head type will be sold out.

      - for shipping and QnA service ,shop will be running till april 31st.

      ¡Ø Ariadoll's body's seller after 31st.

      - SWITCH(http://fromswitch.com) will be selling Ariadoll body that got many pals love.
      - detailed infromation of Ariadoll's body's seller after 31st will be able to check at SWITCH(http://fromswitch.com)"