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Aria Dolls 7 Years and 14 Years Sweet Minis

Oct 6, 2010

    1. I thought I'd start off the thread seeing as there doesn't appear to be another one. I really like the two new 14 year girls. They look great. Still hoping for a 7 years Valentine version in Mini form.
    2. Not sure I'd describe them as 14 year olds, but they're cute.
    3. Thread unlocked: These are on topic! :)
    4. I really like these dolls, but would like to see the heads blank. I'm not sure about the release date, as it's already October 8 in Korea now, and they're still marked as 'sold out' on the Ariadoll site.
    5. I was worried about that, but apparently they sit very well, which is why I prefer the two part torsos. Or at least the SD size do. I'm planning on getting Sweet Su for my birthday (tomorrow).
    6. It's interesting to see dolls based on Gossip Girl being made. I like the face of Blair. It captures the feistiness of the real Blair Waldorf. ^^
    7. Happy birthday Hobbysue!:daisy

      Maybe with all these MSD sized girls Aria will also get a 5year old girl and/or boy body in this size soon. That's what I'm really hoping for.
    8. Aren´t them limited dolls?, Ariadoll doesn´t especify anything about it in the website.
    9. Whoa, somehow I totally missed that they were based on the girls from Gossip Girl.
    10. These are totally recast Unoa bodies. Look at the hands, elbows, knees, collarbone, the way the shoulder joints are indented in the torso, it's all identical except the stomach and possibly the boobs.
    11. I don't know anything about the Unoa bodies so I can't say, but they do look cute.
    12. Since the mods have given the OK, I'm going to trust that they have looked through the pictures and made comparisons and decided that these bodies aren't copies.

      Nevertheless, I definitely would like more pictures and positions. So maybe some future owners wouldn't mind putting up some pictures with analysis? ;)
    13. Recasts? I doubt it. The sculptor of Ariadoll seems to be a big fan of Gentaro Araki's work - the 1/3 Ariadoll girls have been very popular with fans of Unoss and Unoa Zero because of the similar style, to the point where there was worry that the body could be an Unoss recast. However, an Unoss owner posted a comparison which made it obvious that it was not a copy, just similar style and proportions. I suspect if someone makes a comparison of these girls with an Unoa body, the results would be the same - a similar curvaceous anime-girl art style, but not a recast.

      Hopefully someone will do a comparison of them with other mature minis anyway, though, just so people know how well clothes for Unoa (or Narae, Minifee, etc.) will fit on these girls ^^; I really like them! Not quite enough to buy, for these particular ones - but if they make one with Iris or Narvy's face styles, I'll be in trouble.
    14. Aria said in their announcement that these ladies are designed to be same size as Unoas (which is probably why they resemble them so), so shopping for them will be easy.
    15. I definitely agree with evilhamster13; and I see no problem with Aria being influenced by such a talented sculptor.

      This makes it blatantly obvious you haven't owned an Unoa. Everything about these sculpts has differences compared to the Unoa 1.5 or 2.0 bodies.
    16. No, I haven't owned one, but I've blushed quite a few. So that's why I'm putting this up here - I'd love to be proved wrong, but this is way too similar for my comfort. I don't mind if they are "influenced," but I'd hate to see people buying recasts.
      I look forward to owner comparisons.
    17. Well, whenever that someone posts up comparisons then said person can make accusations based on facts. Your previous point is unfounded.
    18. I am pretty sure I read somewhere on their website (Or maybe elsewheere) that the sculptor studied with Gentaro Araki, hence the similarities.