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Aria doll's aug event and New doll's release !

Aug 10, 2010

    1. [​IMG]


      Hello :)

      This is ariadoll.
      We are introducing our new doll , 14yrs sweet type lu-na.
      We'll be taking order from aug 11th.
      And ariadoll's aug event ,
      My doll's twin and 20 pairs of eyes event are waiting for you :) !​

      ♡Event one.
      -My doll is twin!-
      Those who order ariadoll's doll while event period ,
      We'll picking 5 people by raffle
      and will send one more same type doll that person ordered !​

      ♡Event 2
      -20 pairs of eyes-
      While event period , whom purchases ariadoll's doll,
      20 people in the order of receipt,
      We will add pair of high class urethane eyes as present.
      (Event eye's color will be random!)​

      Please check our notice at home for more information !

      We hope you are delighted with our event and new doll :)!
      Have a nice day.​

    2. About the 1st Event - does that only apply to the newely released doll? Or any other doll, too?

      And I didn't see a face-up option - does this mean that all dolls will come without face-up?