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Aria doll's christmas event 2 - Double box4 and new7 yrs !

Dec 23, 2010

    1. Hello :)
      This is ariadoll !
      Hope you guys are happy with our previous event!
      But since it's christmas , we thought of another box with new dolls !
      Happy to introduce you our new sweet 7yrs :) Angela and Isabel ~.
      (and double box 4 event !)

      "christmas event 2"

      double box event!








      You can order one set of Angela +isabel or two angela or two isabel ~

      This Item is limited period Item , It'll be for sale from December 24th ~ january 15th .
      Starts selling from dec 24th 4pm (GMT+8:00)
      And finishes selling at january 15th, 12:00pm !

      We hope you enjoy more merry and more warm christmas with ariadoll's event.:aheartbea
      If you have any concerns , let us know at our board :D

    2. The price $360 for Angela and Isabel comes with eyes, clothes shown above and default make up?

    3. Chinadoll, I don't think any of those things come with the dolls. I don't think they offer a faceup option.
    4. For clarification, the price for any of AriaDoll's offerings is for doll head and doll body only. No faceup, clothes, or accessories of any kind are included. AriaDolls does not offer a faceup option.