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Aria doll's merry christmas event !And introducing two new dolls

Dec 1, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      This is ariadoll :)
      For more warm merry christmas, we are announcing little event for you :) !

      "christmas event 1"

      double box event!

      You can order "zion sleeping" and "narvy sleeping" that was limited period Item, at once(as a set!) and
      more cheaper price !

      Double box1 = zion sleeping + narvy sleeping

      Double box2 = narvy sleeping + narvy sleeping

      Double box3 = zion sleeping + zion sleeping

      This Item is limited period Item , It'll be for sale from December 4th ~ december 31th .

      We hope you enjoy merry and warm christmas with ariadoll's event.:D
      If you have any concerns , let us know at our board :)


      +) Thanks for loving narvy and zion so much ~
      We're happy to introduce Sleeping zion and sleeping narvy :)
      Hope you love these sweet sleepies as much as we do!!
      Please check out our webpage for more information :)

    2. Does that include faceups on both dolls?
      Thanks :)
    3. Is it possible to buy only Sleeping Zion's head?
    4. According to their FAQ, Aria doesn't do faceups.