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Aria Series: New Limwha 25cm Tiny In The Makes?

Oct 26, 2009

    1. She looks pretty cute so far, looks like the clay sculpt is mostly finished,
      I hope we get some previews of her cast soon!

      Link to Limhwa’s page (click on Limwha, she’s the first image there,
      or direct-link to Aria-Series 25cm doll page, for those who can’t find it).

      Enzyme ^ ^
    2. Looks like there are photos of the body in various poses now,
      as well as photos of three different head/face-plate sculpts to go with the body.
      Again, the photos are under Limhwa, but I’ll post direct links below.

      Body shots (they are nude), with size info

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    3. Dodo is adorable - though they all look similar.
      SO 25cm ... I dont' think in Cm I think in inches.. is that about yo-sd size? does she were go clothing?

      Her neck seems really short in the body pics or it sits differently on the neck stem? almost like her head is on back to front... but on the head shots she looks ok neck wise.
      Or her body is always curving back in the body shots which makes the head have to bend forward.
    4. Just a friendly reminder--please no chatting or speculation. Feel free and begin a new thread in BJD Discussion: Tiny size subforum. Don't forget to show the link in this thread so others can find it to add their thoughts. Thanks!