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Ariadoll, new 18yrs Majesty line

Jul 11, 2011

    1. I like his face. :)
      With a small upgrade of the current face up I can imagine him as a fitting member of my bjd group.
      If I could buy any doll, which is not the case now.

      And as usual for any new body, looking forward to some poses.
    2. I love the body, I hope I can get him to match with my Soom Chrom head so he can finally have his own body. The resin match will be brought together with blushing.
    3. Oh crud! I just bought an infinity sid body to try and match my Aria Van head!! If I'd only waited a couple of weeks I could have had an actual Aria body ~ I'll probably buy this body anyway and sell off the infinity body later. I'm already a huge fan of Aria doll, and the 18 year's body is exactly what I've been waiting for. :D
    4. nevermind. I think I'll keep my thoughts to myself.
    5. yeah Izam I realize it IS SD17 at first sight.
    6. I think too that the body resembles to Volks SD17 in some way and that it is the reason for what I like it, although this boy is taller and maybe slimmer (which I also like), but it's also true that some details are really very similar.

      I would really bought one right now If I hadn't bought already other two bodies this month T_T
    7. I think all my body plans just went out the window. I love this body, even with those strange little dots in the shoulder blades.
    8. Wow. Those scapulae (on his back) are really distinctive. They really surprised me, to be honest! I've never seen a doll with that particular detail (although pics of sd17 also show that detail down to the little divot <---- not an anatomy word, I know)...
    9. In the 2nd photo there are 2 holes(?) on his back (you won't see them on a SD17's back, of course)
      I wonder what are they?
    10. Actually, they are there.

      This photo shows a comparison of SD17 on the right (to supergem, on the left): link

      But interestingly, I don't see those holes (I called them divots) on any of the anatomy drawings I looked at. Maybe an artist or someone with a background in anatomy can speak to their presence.
    11. You wouldn't really be able to see those muscles unless you had your arms at specific angles and tensions, and had pretty good musculature. If you do a google image search for "weight lifting back view" (no quotes) you should various examples. Here's a good one http://www.superstock.com/stock-photos-images/1598R-234730 though it's a stock photo. Hope that helps!
    12. Thank you! I looked at some photos, but they were at the wrong angle, I guess.
    13. Definitely not fond of those back divots, but the rest of him is quite lovely. If I were in the market for a body...
    14. I keep waffling on this body~ :c I wish it were just a little shorter. I'm rather afraid that the head I'd want to put on it won't fit. Ah well! He's still gorgeous and that is a super lovely body. <3
      Even with his strange little back divots.
      I hope AriaDoll produces more bodies and heads like this. :3
    15. I like this body, it seems to be the perfect size for my poor flying SG Io head. Finally he will have a body of his own ^__^.

      And yes, I agree, I do see similarities to the SD17.
    16. I do not feel comfortable about this body being so 95% similar to SD17.
    17. I kinda feel the same way Izam and each time they have released a new doll I have felt a bit conflicted. They are almost too inspired by other companies' work. I can't see this body and see anything other than SD17, especially with that "pressed ear" looking shoulder blade. Not a copy but just too inspired.

      I hate to mention also, since I have one of their 16 boy bodies, that Aria has given their doll's Volks One Touch system. >__>
    18. For me it's the scapula and the "divot" within. As I wrote earlier, I haven't seen another doll with that particular back detail, but for a quirk in the musculature to be repeated means that maybe the inspiration was too much, and too specific.

      Sometimes publishers of atlases, phone books, etc., include purposeful mistakes so that they can prove whether or not their work has been lifted wholesale by competitors. I have to wonder if the back divot is such a thing on Volk's part. It's one thing that the body looks (a lot) alike, as there are limits to human anatomy. But when the same quirks are included you have to wonder.
    19. >>sakuraharu
      Thanks for the photos !
      I was so curious and just checked my boys' backs. Those are not holes like Aria ones
      Also, it's good to post the comparison here, making people know what exactly is going on...