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Ariadoll 's november event - new double boxes

Nov 7, 2011

    1. Hello

      This is ariadoll :)
      Ariadoll have prepared suprise event for november~
      Since there was few pals asking about 18yrs and 16yrs , we decided to add 18yrs and 16yrs double box.

      Double box event

      You can buy 16yrs girl body and 18yrs boy body in every matching Two and
      get them cheaper than original price.

      Double box 18yrs + 16yrs = 18yrs boy body + one 16yrs girl body
      double box 16yrs = 16yrs girl body + 16yrs girl body
      double box 18yrs = 18yrs boy body + 18yrs boy body

      ※This product will be on sale for limited period between november 7th ~ December 9th.

      We Hope for everyone's big intrest And let us know at our homepage QnA If theres any questions.

      ※This product is pre-order product. so it'll take 3~6 weeks to be ready.