Event [Arietta Project] Shin'nen Collection Kimonos by GGDollFashions + Gift Fur Shawl Promo

Jan 17, 2017

    1. Dear All!

      Arietta Project is now carries GGDollFashions exquisite kimonos for 1/3 BJDs & DDs!!
      These high quality Kimonos are made with imported fabrics and are design to look authentic & practical for doll sizes.

      Shin'nen Collection 2017


      Featuring the best of 2016 and our upcoming 2017 designs, in 3 different types of high quality fabrics!


      Hand Printed Japanese Cotton:

      We have 10 designs for this release, some are made with sold out fabrics so if you love them, it may be your only chance to get them !

      [ONE OFF] Mixed Silk (Italy):
      Made with fabric from Italy, these bold prints are each one of a kind. All one offs will not be reproduced again.

      Japanese Silk:
      Hand printed with traditional motifs, these authentic classic kimonos is something all kimono lovers will enjoy.

      All kimonos length are adjustable and will fit dolls of the following sizes below

      • 55cm-65m (DD,DDS, SD16, SDGr etc)
      • 60cm - 70cm (Iplehouse, medium to larger BJD sizes etc)

      All items are instock and ready to be shipped.

      ~New Year Gift Shawl Promo~


      Gift fur shawl with every Kimono purchase! Valid from now till 31st January 2017.

      *While stocks last! Colors of gift shawl will be sent at random, but we will pick one that matches your kimono!

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