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Aripina Dolls: Discussion

May 20, 2009

    1. Interesting. The sculpts look like a lovechild between CustomHouse and DOD.
    2. The English version of their site is located here.
      I rather like their look...I shall be keeping an eye on this company to see what they come up with. =D
    3. Ok I got my answer on question if they will rerelease Mighty:
      Hi, Customer

      Thank you for your deep interest for aripina.

      'Mighty" is first doll of aripina, after launching it we are trying to relaunching
      of better customized new Mighty.
      But I have not made of sufficient satisfied "New Mighty" not yet.
      So the relaunching of "New Mighty" is still delay.
      The date of relaunching is not fixed. Sorry for that.

      When the time of relaunching of "New Mighty",
      we are launching with name of "Aritree Basic" version.

      Are you satisfied with answers?
      When you have a question, ask me whenever with mail or Q&A corner.


      Its cool, still I think he is already perfect but they keep improving and their quick answer make me respect them :)
    4. They look nice. :)
      I'd like to see some more pictures of the sculpt.
    5. Im really getting into Joy he's just adorable ^^
    6. Checked them out and I have to say - they look great! Definitely putting them on my "watch"-list.
    7. wow! just discovered these via a circuitous route, and I must say i'm impressed and interested!
      gonna bookmark 'em and keep checking back!
    8. So does this mean they are going to try making Mighty again? Out of all of the 65cm guys they have released so far, he is my favorite. >w< I hope so!

      Definitely will be watching them as well. <3
    9. I know quite a few people were intrested in lovely mighty, so i'm just letting everyone know Aripina told me they will be re-releasing him as a baisc in August. I know i'm getting one- he's top of my wishlist ;)
    10. reeeeally? I <3333 mighty! So thats great news! >w< Was actually starting to wonder if they were still operational. I mean, I havent seen their dolls anywhere.
    11. I agree with Revilis, wasn't sure if they were still doing business.
      Thats fantastic! All my friends thought that I was crazy because it was some kind of ghost company. I'm glad they are releasing a female and I look forward to the eventual rerelease of the Mighty. <3
    12. Just found this company and I :aheartbea Joy! :fangirl: Not so crazy about the body though; I wish the heads were available separately . . .
    13. The girl is STUNNING O_O
      I wish there was some user photos
    14. I'm also not much of a fan of that body either - too blocky.

      His face is so gorgeous though. The sulky expression would work really nicely with one of my characters. It looks like they'll be selling the head separately, so I hope he can be matched with another body.
    15. Squeeee~ I totally missed that! I might have to get him now...
    16. What a pouty-face the new Mighty is! He's adorable. :aheartbea (I'm such a sucker for a pissy boy.)

      EDIT: I have to agree, though - that body is bleargh! I wish his shoulders were wider... Ah well. That's what hybridization is for!
    17. My friend said he looked like a Migi Yuri, and he totally does. :aheartbea He also reminds me of an Infiniti boy.

      I sent Aripina a Q&A question about resin match, so we'll see what they say. I find it hard to believe that no one has one of these dolls yet..? Where are they...?

      There are also barely any questions on their Q&A board. Are they really so unknown? They're just as old as Crobidoll and a number of other companies that have gotten pretty big.
    18. I'm going to buy a new mighty as soon as I can

      i've been waiting for this for along time. I asked ari about mighty every few months about mighty on Q&A board, so she's quite familiar with me haha

      i'm not disappointed. He's beautiful.