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Armadillo King & Queen Outfits at Luts!

Nov 7, 2005

    1. *giggling lots*

      My daughter just said, "It's like the Armadillo Prom!!"

      Armadillo King

      Armadillo Queen

      I love the metal plates on the outfits . . . they're fabulous!!

      I'm just terribly amused, because I run around saying things like "PINK FAIRY ARMADILLO" at random times. Also, "SPORE!", but that's really not doll-related at all ^-^

      -- Andi <3
    2. They come up with the silliest names for cool outfits. =^__^=;;;
    3. I am the Armadillo Queen!

      Maybe not so intimidating... :oops: Armadillos are cute though! I got to play with one at a wildlife rehabilitation center, he was super shy and adorable but his nose was runny and I had armadillo snot all over my hands. :|

      Ok, back to dolls now!
    4. Haaa, that's awesome! The King is cool. He'd be cooler if I could, you know, afford it (or if they sold the armbands seperately).
    5. @_________@

      *goes off to put on Christmas list*
    6. at least they didn't make any for mini's.. it's almost what my brother wants to make for my boy
    7. I am very seriously considering ordering one within the next day or two. However, I am actually NOT interested in any of the armoured pieces. (I may change my mind once I see them in person however.) But would anyone here possibly be interested in the vest and all the armoured parts? I really only want the high-neck top, the skirt, and the overskirt.

      Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention - I would be buying the male version. :)
    8. Armadillos, lizards and snakes, oh my! Luts seems to be making the rounds of the animal kingdom. Wonder what's next? The outfits are amazing. Good thing I don't have a SD13 sized boy or girl. Otherwise Luts would be the death of me.

      -- Andi :D
    10. Me too, but I think I'm too late. XD
    11. OMG I love the king outfit
    12. Plate mail! :o Wow. And they have fuzzy things in back... I wonder if that's a mantle or wings.
    13. S-s-sweet! But... "armadillo"? XD
    14. Wha!!! That's my livejournal name- fairyarmadillo... (not my doll journal which is diseased_dolls)

      There, I made the post sorta doll related. :oops:
    15. I'd be interested in the armored parts!


      I kinda like the name! It's cute! :grin:

      I think armadillos came to mind because they have armor-like skin, and the multiple plates, sorta like the pieces of armor on the outfits. Anyway, I thought it was kinda apt, as a name. (OK and kinda silly, too!) :oops:
    16. I love those shoulder protectors on the Armadillo Queen.
    17. I like them.. Especially the king o__o
    18. No worries about anyone being 'too late' to express interest in the armoured parts of the set - once I've actually ordered the set, I will make a post about it to the marketplace here. :grin: And I will take offers too, so won't be a first-come, first-serve thing.
    19. What cracks me up is that the fact it says "Armadillo Queen for QUEEN" at the top XD
    20. Hmmm, cool :D