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May 14, 2018

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      To my precious customers

      19 years have passed since I started making dolls.

      I deeply appreciate for your support and encouragement which made me possible to produce beautiful dolls.

      For one year starting from the next month, I want to make doll houses and small items preparing for personal exhibition.

      The sales for all the dolls produced so far will end after one month(May 15 to 31)

      Upgraded classic Narin & Narae, new body, and heads of normal and limited version will not be produced anymore after only two weeks of limited selling period.

      That is because the pain in my left hand which got hurt 5 years ago is getting aggravated and making it hard to do some elaborate works.

      This decision is also for my dear customers. I think this decision will raise the value of your dolls much more in the passage of time.

      100 limited version of bodies and 20 limited version of heads can be out of stock early.

      I guess that it will take me about 3 months to set a new workshop and web site.

      Prior to that, I want to pour all of my efforts to complete 52cm Dandelion body, 3 facial expressions heads, 3 hand and foot parts.

      I will take order for Dandelion, after the completion, copying, and packaging.

      Even afterwards, I hope I can work on head, hand, and foot parts, if my hand condition allows.

      In the future, I want to focus on scale model production, also studying for wood, metal, leather and glass crafts.

      Like always, I will keep communicating by sharing the process in Instagram. ( ID: bimong11 )

      If you have any questions, please send them by Instagram DM.

      Thanking for your support again.

      Best regards
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