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Ashel form the Little Monica

Dec 2, 2008

    1. Hi everyone.
      Now we have a new boy Ashel.

      We've started selling the LM boy body, Kliff head, and Ashel head in Korea already.
      They will by updated on our English site tomorrow.







    2. I'm getting a warning on the site that says that there is software that can harm your computer on it. Is the site infected?

      LINK - http://www.littlemonica.co.kr/

      Here's a link ravendolls
    3. Can you post a link to the site?
      Thank you!
    4. My PC also blocked the site...
    5. I was able to access it on my apple laptop, but not on my PC. =\ I don't know if trying a different browser will help or not but maybe it's worth a shot.
    6. I get the same warning message but it's hilarious because I'm using Linux. :sweat
    7. I use firefox, and a warning came up saying that it's been reported as an attack site. o__o;;
    8. oh.. really?
      we did have some virus infected before, but we fixed it already.
      there shouldn't be any problem viewing the pages.
    9. FYI, it shows the "attack site" warning when you click on the English link.
    10. Now we have the head parts and boy body on our site!
      Thank you for all your interest!
    11. There is still a problem viewing the English site. My broswer says the site has been attacked and has blocked the site. :(
    12. No, it doesn't help either... :sweat
    13. T___T I remember when I got it to work I had to change some of my settings on preferences and i had to download the newest flash thingy on my Firefox. T.T *hugs* I hope it works soon for you

      I think that if you use firefox you can override the "attack site" part. I know that Leeke had this problem before too T.T which browser are you using?
    14. Hm..I have and I use firefox. I just dont know which version. :sweat

      I've had trouble accessing another site too. All I could see were texts and hyperlinks, but I've been to that site many times before and I knew that it shouldn't look like that. It could be this version of firefox. I'll see what I can do about it. Thanks for the info! :gingerbreadman

      As for Leeke, I never had a problem viewing their site and I hope that I don't cuz I love Leeke dolls and I hope to order from them this month. :)