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Ashers' Feedback Thread

Jan 8, 2009

    1. Hello, everyone! ^-^

      If you were in a transaction with me, I'd love to get some feedback.

      Thank you for your business!

    2. Ashers bought a migidoll head from me. :) She was very sweet with great communication and paid in a timely manner. ^__^ A pleasure to do business with. Thank you for a wonderful and smooth transaction! :)
    3. Hi!! I sold a doll head to Ashers and she was simply wonderful to communicate with. Friendly, great communications, and paid quickly. I highly recommend her!! :D
    4. I purchased a Tan Migidoll Ryu from Ashers. She kept in contact, absolutely wonderful to talk to. He was shipped exactly when she said he would be and arrived safe and sound. She even sent a few treats along with him. x3 Thank you so much for letting me bring him home! He's positively wonderful. <3
    5. Ashers purchased some eyes from me. Everything was top notch. Payment was swift, communication was fabulous and confirmation was given the moment they arrives. 100% positve feedback on my side. :)

    6. Neutral experience with Ashers;
      Ashers wanted to buy a latidoll Dahlia from me, and had her put on hold for 2 weeks (1st of march til 15th of march) After several delays of payments and re-arranging Ashers still assured me that the money would be sent, but in the end did not go through with the deal.
      The communication however, was good. Ashers kept me informed, but sadly, also kept me convinced until the end that I would be receiving payment. Ashers also offered to pay me a small compensation for the hold, but retracted the offer upon hearing of this feedback.
    7. I feel the need to explain a few things about the transaction above. :sweat And, no, I am not denying or defending canceling the layaway. I did, in fact, do this, and am sorry. I would just like to explain what happened to all my potential buyers and sellers:

      First off, I did retract my offer at first, because I was told I would be getting negative feedback, not neutral. :/ I did not feel like, if I tried to find a peaceful way to resolve this, I should have to be labeled as a bad person who never tried to fix anything. After her saying she was changing the tone of the feedback, I then was happy to find the middle ground again and offer it again, and thank her for being so understanding.

      She seemed to have ignored that fact and when I asked her about it after the feedback was given, she stated that she just used what I said from an older PM rather than my newer one.

      So, no money, before or after, was ever traded. Just letting everyone know - that would change the situation entirely.

      Also, just to clarify, I did inform the seller on the 5th of March that I had hit some financial snags due to a few things, including college woes. I did not feel the need to explain myself, but I guess I'll have to: my family had been forced to move within a month, away from our home of ten years, due to a shocking event. That means I had to take care of myself for a while, with school fees and travel expenses, as they cannot afford to then, and now.

      In any case, the seller asked me to consider a layaway, since she was "counting on the money." Feeling guilty, I agreed to a small layaway, though this would mean straining my funds. This was my first mistake; letting my feelings get in the way of my logic.

      Anyway, though I tried hard to find a plan to pay for Dahlia, and work for her, I had to accept that she was simply too expensive for me at the moment. A lot of things changed for me between March 1st and March 5th which caused this. I cannot delve into my college fund for Dahlia, as much as I'd love to. I actually had to do the reverse - I had to delve into my doll funds to be able to continue getting a ride to school, since I moved farther away from it - this, among other living expenses, is what caused me to lose my extra funds for a $850 doll.

      But, I do take full responsibility for what happened. I should have stuck by canceling the hold when the water stirred on my home front, but some things are just unavoidable. If anything, I've opened an "emergency" fund. ^^;; I've learned from this whole experience, and am sorry for everything that transpired. It is the last thing I wanted to do. :( The seller did keep up in communication as well, and I thank her for that. I harbor no ill feelings.

      But, the situation is over and done with now. I believe both the seller and I would like to put it behind us.

      All is well, now, though. My family is getting back on their feet, and my financial situation has finally calmed a little. I do regret everything that happened, and am very sorry for my part in it. I have learned, and promise positive transactions from here on out! ^_^

    8. Ashers bought a Doll Head from me~
      The transaction went smoothly and I would recommend as a buyer!

      Thanks Again~
    9. Ashers participated in my TATA Paradise GO! with me. It was my first GO! I ever ran. She's been patient with me and had excellent communication. She paid promptly. I utmost highly recommend this buyer. She's pleasant to do business with. :)
    10. I bought an IP Freezia head from Ashers and everything went great. She kept me posted on when it was going to go out, and was very pleasant to communicate with. Thanks again!
    11. Ashers purchased a pair of eyes from me. Fast payment, and excellent communication, I would recommend to anyone. :D
    12. I had a great transaction with Ashers. She bought my lati red Irene, with layaway, and everything went perfectly. Awesome communication, and great to deal with. :)
    13. Great transaction! Ashers shipped quickly and was very understanding and kind to deal with. I would gladly do business with her again.
    14. Bought a floating head from Ashers - perfect transaction with this friendly seller. Packaged safely, good communication and really fast shipping. Thanks!
    15. Ashers' won my auction for a OOAK custom Migidoll Vampire Miho head that I painted, and she was a pleasure to deal with!
      Kept wonderful communication, and was true to all her layaway plans. Would definitely work with again! :aheartbea

      Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy him! ^__^
    16. I bought a Musedoll outfit from her. She's a sweet person and a kind seller. It was a really great experience!
      The packaging was very accurate, and shipping from Usa to Italy was so fast... Thank you so much!
    17. I bought a Migidoll WS Miho head from Ashers and was allowed to do a layway. She was a dream to work with, shipped on time and he arrived in pristine condition! I will do business with her again and would recommend her to anyone :)
    18. I bought a beautiful Migidoll Ryu head from Ashers.
      She was wonderful to deal with and very prompt with replies and shipping.
      The head arrived safe and sound and it's simply gorgeous I could not be happier.
      Thanks so much!
    19. I bought a Lati Red Special Irene from Ashers. She arrived today and she is beyond stunning! Such a beautiful face and cute little body. She was packaged so carefully and with lots of love. Arrived very quickly! Highly recommended to buy from Ashers!
    20. I purchased a female FOF Hucky from Ashers and the transaction went smoothly. All PMs were friendly, the doll was shipped quickly and packed very safely. I would definitely recommend this seller!!:)