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Ask your 70cm Dollshe boy clothing questions here!

Jun 29, 2005

    1. So the character that's going to be the Hound I'm getting, he definitely has a thing for showing off. Tight clothes, anything sheer, and OMG leather. The problem is, I can't find any leather pants around period, never mind ones that will actually fit him. Does anybody else know of any relatively snug leather pants that Dollshe boys can wear, or am I going to have try and get a comission from somewhere? ^^; They can be too short, since I think I'd probably stick them in boots anyway. ^^;
    2. well you can commission one, or there is a leather jacket/pants outfit for bermanns and hounds at CheeryDoll
    3. Well, in that case, can anyone do a comission? ^^;
    4. You might also try asking Anu if you can get the Hound clothing set without the doll (she mentioned allowing people to do this if they asked, but said the price would be higher than the $38 she's charging for the clothing with the doll). Thise pants are absolutely to die for. :love Better act fast, though - she only has enough supplies to make 70 pairs!

      (ask her by signing up on TensiYa.com and then using the 1:1 board)
    5. I'm actually already ordering my Hound through Anu, with the clothing. ^^; I just would also like a pair of leather pants without all extras -- just plain... and tight... and very sexy. *cackles*
    6. Would the Isao pants fit a DollShe boy? Because they're enough to make you go Oooowwwww at the moon. Plus, he's a long-legged SD-13. They show up from time to time on eBay.
    7. **grins at Miss Sha** Ahm... of course. **whacks forehead** I knew that. Sorry - I'm a spaz today. :oops:
    8. Hmm... the leather set is a little bit expensive, especially since the hat and t-shirt aren't really my or Gremory's thing. So I think I might have to pass on that. But I definitely plan on getting some of the shirts in the future. Karin, you run it, don't you? Do you take preorders like with Ajumapama, or can you order at any time? ^^;

      And if anybody knows if the Isao pants will fit Hound, I'd love to know, since they're EXACTLY the style of leather pants I'm looking for. I'm more concerned about actually getting them on rather than length, since they'd be tucked into boots anyway. ^^;

      Still looking for anybody to commission the perfect pair, though. ^^;
    9. Well, I plan on getting a Bermann & a Hound myself...sometime in the near future...so I can try my Isao pants on one of them, if you haven't gotten a definitive answer yet. Isao pants are soooooo very hot. *gropes Isao pants*
    10. Miss Sha-
      I send in orders for Cheery Doll and AjumaPama every Saturday morning at 9 am EST. So anytime you want you can order from the site and pay through PayPal. The AjumaPama clothes are sold from the 15th of every month through the 15th of the month and then the order is placed.

    11. Ok, after Inu-sama's problems with Luts, I decided to post this here.

      I placed a rather large clothing/goodies order from CheeryDoll about two weeks ago, and got the goods about a week ago. But I was missing a pair of jeans for my Hound (that cost $50!!) and have emailed them twice, and posted on the Q&A board, and no response still. And yes, I check my spam folder every day in my email.

      Does anyone have any helpful tips? Is there another email besides the scott3004@hanmail.net that's listed?

      My boy isn't home yet, but he's gonna need some jeans when he gets here. Please help me! :crushed

      EDIT -- 8/8 Thanks to everyone who helped me! Problem has been solved!! Yay! :grin:
    12. You migt contact Karin Bussman who is the US agent for Cheerydoll. She might be able to help you out.

      Here's her email
    13. Really? Hmm... I placed my order on the 18th, I believe, and haven't gotten my clothes yet. ;O;
    14. gayle -- Thanks a lot! I'll try that! :daisy

      Miss Sha -- Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that! :( The clothes I got were really wonderful, and shipped fast, I just don't have my jeans for poor Xiyang Jin yet. I hope you get it soon!
    15. Gah, sorry this is a little off topic thesaraghina, how do you get Chinese characters to show up in your signature?

      I can't find a good HTML site for them, and when my Dear's website is launched, I don't want Abacus' and Cicada's personal names just in pictures, you know? But written on...?

      I can find Japanese HTML fine, but I'm having such trouble! x3

      Sorry again. (But I agree with trying to contact Karin Bussman)
    16. Ah ha, no problem! (And I've contacted Karin, and everything has been fixed now! :grin: )

      But anyways, I just googled both "chinese character lookup" and "japanese kanji lookup" to find the characters I needed, and copy and pasted them. I keep the boys' names saved in my memories on my LJ so whenever I need them, I can get them easily. Here's a couple sites I've used:
      Chinese Character Dictionary
      Chinese Character.com
      Jeffery's Kanji Lookup --> this site gives gif images, but it's helpful for finding the pinyin of the particular kanji you want, then put it into one of the previous sites for a character you can copy

      Hope this helps! :D
    17. Ah! I think I got it. (^___^) Thanks!

      I'm glad the problem has been solved too! 50 dollars is a lot. But... I think you're being silly. (^__~) How bad would it be to have a handsome bishi running around pantless? :D
    18. Not bad at all! But I'm afraid Xiyang Jin would hide behind the couch if I were to come after him with a camera and he with no pants. :(
    19. Aww! Darn it! :(

      Well, at least get him a pair of tight shorts. x3