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Asking about: the new doc body type (mature one)

Mar 29, 2007

    1. I would just like to ask how tall is the body from the ordinary one? With the head. If the ordinary body with a head is around 45cm, how about new one? I'm talking about the female body thanks La Sultana for clearing that out! ;)

      Thanks in advance and good day!
    2. Are you talking about the boy body? The old one is 43cm I believe and the new one is 45cm.
    3. yup! sorry for not putting that on
    4. waitwaitwaitwait. So the new girl body is taller?? D:

      ...is that much different from the Dollzone girl body height then? =w=
    5. I'm not sure but I think the new girl body is a little bit taller...
    6. Well, I don't see the new DOC Girl body any taller. Petsha is labbeled as 41cm which makes her 4 cm shorter than the mature DOC Boy body.

      In short, the new Girl body is just as short, only more mature with higher posability
    7. hello i'm getting the mature body for my leya head. I dont think meny MSD size girls TOPS will fit her right???Due to the larger chest??? I've been trying to get a chest measurements for the new body anyone have one yet????I'd be greatful to get it.
      I've been waiting 7 weeks for my body to ship:ablah: :ablah:
    8. on the DoD website, the old girl body's chest size was 18.5cm (?)
      the new body chest size is also 18.5cm.

      most of us believe that the rib was made smaller instead of enlargening some areas.
    9. Lennie, I have an outfit made to fit a general MSD and my roommate's Petsha can fit it just fine, lol. I'd worry more about the pants myself!
    10. ok thank you

      Now for the pants are the issue's too small/ or too big????? of where they sit?
      thank you for you help!!!!