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Asleep Eidolon 1/3 Kina

Aug 26, 2009

    1. Asleep Eidolon 1/3 Kina:



      Kina is the Yara (Sr) head sculpt with Romantic Eyes. She is available with Type A or Type B bodies.

      Type A Body Measurements:

      -Height: 54.5cm
      -Circumference of Head: 22.5cm
      -Neck Circumference: 8cm
      -Shoulder to Neck: 7.2cm
      -Chest: 21.5cm
      -Waist: 15cm
      -Arm Length: 16cm
      -Leg Length: 28cm
      -Feet: 6.5cm

      Type B Body Measurements:

      -Doll Height: 58.7cm
      -Circumference of Head: 22.5cm
      -Neck Circumference: 8cm
      -Shoulder Width: 12cm
      -Chest: 22.5cm
      -Waist: 17.5cm
      -Hip: 25.5cm
      -Leg Length: 28cm
      -Feet: 7cm

      Please see our website for body pictures.


      Type A - $385.00 Blank, $415.00 w/ Make-up
      Type B - $422.00 Blank, $452.00 w/ Make-up

      *Pricing is for the US market. Please contact the European dealer for EU prices!*

      Doll includes:

      -A Certificate of Authenticity
      -1 pair of 16mm Acrylic Eyes
      -Eye Putty
      -Face Cover
      -Box with Blanket

      North American dealer:

      Mint on Card, Inc

      *Pre-order due date to be part of the 1st Kina order is September 5th!*

      European dealer:

      Chantal's Dolls Alley

      Thanks for looking! :daisy