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New Doll Asleep eidolon 1/4 mermaids

Oct 9, 2017

    1. NEWS from AEDOLLS taobao. 1/4 ◆◇ 四 分 ◇◆-Asleep eidolon[失语精灵]原创BJD-淘宝网
      1/12(AEDOLLS 1/12 is 16cm.) ◆◇ 十二 分 ◇◆-Asleep eidolon[失语精灵]原创BJD-淘宝网

      1/4 mermaids will be sold out on 31st,Dec.2017.
      1/12(16cm) mermaid is EVENT additional puchase from 1st,Oct. 2017 to 31st,Oct.2017.

      Female mermaids can choose AEDOLLS 1/4 girl body or XAGADOLL 42cm girl body Ver.II.

      male mermaid

      female mermaid



      mini Cordelia

      Deedlite(additional puchase )

      mermaid parts



      tails & colors :5 colors,transparent resin or general resin.
      Pink tail is same resin color as upper part body, it can't choose transparent resin.

      A type

      B type (this is same with AEDOLLS 1/3 mermaid A type. new photos needs wait.)

      #1 AmberRM, Oct 9, 2017
      Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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    2. Do you have a link to these listings?
    3. FYI, Legend Doll is a dealer for Asleep Eidolon if you don't want to mess around with Taobao. Since Mint on Card has moved on from pre-orders, I believe Legend Doll may now be AE's sole international dealer.
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    4. Are these beauties limited by number or by ordering period/date? :daisy
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    5. limited by ordering period/date.
      It will be sold out on 31st,Dec.2017.
      BUT 1/12(16cm) mermaid is EVENT additional puchase from 1st,Oct. 2017 to 31st,Oct.2017.
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    6. Thank you very much! :)
    7. Keep in mind though, on taobao the basic package for Dione is ~361 usd minus shipping, while on LegendDoll it lists at over 500 usd. Not sure why that is.
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    8. It can cost that much on taobao too... I think it's $361 for a basic doll and over $500 for the fullset??
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    9. From the description of the basic "A package" run through google translate:
      "A Package: $ 2380 Solid resin human body is one, including: 1, solid resin without a makeup head, the first choice. 2, 2, Mystic Solid resin body body, body accessories: A solid resin fish ear a pair of A solid resin fish fin a pair of solid resin shell bra a pair of A solid resin tail a solid resin A harp one. 【All fish and accessories color with the human head part of the resin color, do not accept the mix. To * A package of raw solid resin body parts and accessories can be replaced by transparent color, need to purchase 450 yuan. If the transparent body needs color, you need to purchase 520 yuan."
      It sounds like that 360 usd "package a" comes with everything but nothing is in clear resin. If you want clear resin you'd have to pay extra it seems.
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    10. Legend Doll has translation the different sets:
      A set (mermaid body, nude head, a pair of A type mermaid ears, a pair of A type fins, 1 pair of seashell bra, a piece of A type tail and a piece harp )
      ★not include face make-up, upper body blushing, all mermaid parts blushing
      B set (mermaid body, nude head, a pair of A type mermaid ears, a pair of A type fins, 1 pair of seashell bra, a piece of A type tail and a piece harp and all mermaid parts blushing )
      ★not include face make-up, upper body blushing
      C set(mermaid body, head with make up, 2 pairs of mermaid ears, 2 pairs of fins, 1 pair of seashell bra, 2 pieces of tails and a piece harp and all mermaid parts blushing, human lower parts)
      ★include face make-up, all mermaid parts blushing, not include human upper body blushing

      Perhaps through the agents have more protection of shopping...?
      And some companies have different prices at domestic and foreign.
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    11. I noticed the taobao has an "overseas" option for shipping. Does this mean they ship internationally? Or will i have to go through an agent/legend doll?
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    12. Another option is Jeeryama, they deal for Asleep Eidolon as well and I've found their customer service to always be lovely. They currently have the new mermaids up on their website clover singing, but I think they're still re-populating their ebay page.
    13. I'm confused, is 16cm Deedlite available only until 31st October or 31st December? On the taobao page as well as on Legendoll (in the q&a section) says available until 31st December.
    14. You can pay by international Visa card in taobao but it cost some extra transition fees, and just tell the company I think they will be happy to send oversea, or there are some other shops which do sending parcels to people oversea but it's a little. It over complicated, so just ask AE:)
    15. Some translation errors*_**_*

      3 different EVENTS ( from AEDOLL TAOBAO)
      1. Limited 1/4 mermaids : 16cm Deedlite available only until 31st December.
      2. Limited 1/3 elves : additional puchase to get a human ear type head until 31st December.
      3. Unlimited dolls : Order over 3500RMB - a free 16cm doll. until 31st October.