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Asleep Eidolon 1/4 Mermaids

Oct 9, 2017

    1. #2 alice_zv, Oct 9, 2017
      Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
    2. Im in love <3 i really want one maybe Dione or Undine
    3. They're absolutely gorgeous~! I love Arweil, he's so cute :DI was planning on buying my floating heads bodies but this cutie has just thrown a spanner in the works. Decisions, decisions :XD:
    4. I don't have enough money for this! Well, TECHNICALLY speaking I do, but my bank account would cry and I probably wouldn't be able to help pay for my airfare to Japan :sweat

      But Dione is so gorgeous, I need her aaaaaaaa
    5. I hope they are SD sizes:eusa_pray:eusa_pray:eusa_pray
    6. They are actually MSD-sized!
      Asleep Eidolon already released SD-sized merfolk ages ago (some are still available via Legend Doll), but I was hoping they would add to their SD-sized lineup someday! :(

      That aside, did you guys see that 1/12-sized mermaid Deedlite, that can be acquired only by purchasing one of the new dolls?
      Too bad I'm not into MSD-sized dolls, that small fishy is super adorable! :D:D
      #7 Collie, Oct 10, 2017
      Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
    7. Gosh, I do love these girls! They are gorgeous! I don't know about the heads, but the bodies <3 ..At least I have until the end of the year to make a decision....
    8. Does anyone know how to purchase the small 1/12 mermaid & which package to choose for a translucent tail off of Taobao? It's cheaper than the Legend Doll site, but it's not entirely clear how to choose those options.
    9. @orangediscord If I'm not mistaken, only B and C package get translucent tail, or A package + 450yuan for tranlucent, or 520yuan with blushing. and that I think you need to contact them for these. Not sure about the small mermaid though.
    10. I desperately need Undine in my life, but for me to get the tail shape I want, I'm going to have to pay the big bucks to get fullset C. :...( Having trouble settling on a tail color too.
    11. Has anyone here ordered one of those gorgeous mermaid girls? And if so, how is the quality?

      I'm curious to know if the dolls are still available. I've noticed that Asleep Eidolon has a habit of saying a line is limited but still having stock of them after the sell date.
    12. I ordered one, but I'm still waiting for her to arrive. I'll post pics when she gets here. Not sure if they're still available, but it's quite possible.
    13. I know it’s been several months since you posted this, but the quality is very, very good. I don’t normally go for minis, but I was in Fabric Friends and Dolls and the owner told me they had new stock. I would have noticed her when I came in, but she hadn’t been unboxed and put on display. I was curious and asked to see her, as I have wanted a fantasy doll for a project idea, and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY.

      I purchased Undine yesterday. As far as I can tell, I think she’s a fullset C? The owner told me she just asked for a fullset mermaid and this is what they sent. She has a harp, human legs, and so many fins that I haven’t even managed to unwrap them all. I was surprised their fullsets do not come with wigs or the frilly things in the photos, but the doll more than made up for it.

      I have been in this hobby for 7 years now. I rarely get shocked by dolls anymore. However, this doll had beautiful and flawless translucent glitter resin in her tail and fantasy bits. The sculpting of these fantasy bits was so precise and delicate. The tail itself is ombre. I have no idea how they managed to sand the seamlines off this, but they did. At first I thought the glitter was blushing, but then I noticed it went all of the way through and inside joints. Her opaque resin is equally smooth, and for a mini, she has a very satisfying amount of weight.

      This doll is beautifully engineered, especially for it’s price-point. Her legs, while I did not string her with them, stood on their own and held a variety of poses. The lines on her body and limbs flow so nicely. I’m a sucker for limbs that flow in such a way, and a lot of companies miss that mark. She does have floating joints, which I’m not a huge fan of, but they’re some of the more unobtrusive ones I’ve seen. It is more than made up for by the fact that this doll can hold a multitude of hard poses and moves very dynamically. I wish her hands had more detail to them, considering the mermaid body, but I can live with them. The tail had pretty decent movement. Tons of up and down, and a little side to side. They designed it in multiple segments, like a snake body, instead of a few chunks like SOOM did a while back. Not quite as much movement as a SIA mermaid from Fairyland, but with Fairyland’s struggles lately, I wasn’t going to get one anyway. (My best friend has two though.) I think this translucent is prettier and more solid-feeling than Fairyland’s. I noticed no casting flaws on Undine, minus what could be a tiny bubble in a non-crucial place on her human bits.

      Her face is stunning. Delicate, with little teeth and big eyes. Her faceup is gorgeous. Much better than a few LUTS I’ve seen. Her mouth is slightly open and she has painted teeth. There isn’t too much blushing and the colors they chose were really complimentary. I’d imagine it’d photograph well, but I haven’t tried yet.

      I can see why their production times are long. Translucent resin is difficult to do well.

      She was very well wrapped. Tons and tons of bubble wrap, plus a face-protector. The harp came in a square of styrofoam. There was apparently an issue with the boxes, according to the owner of FF&D, where they came unfolded and the dolls came in a box together or something like that. AE and Xagadoll are sister companies and apparently, they came in a batch together like this.

      Supposedly, FF&D has more on the way, so when they come in, I’ll be scoping them out too. I have the priviledge of living twenty minutes away.

      10/10 would buy again. This is a solid, beautiful, and engaging fullset. I rarely buy fullsets but knew the monent I started unwrapping that this doll would be mine.

      Pictures pending.
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