Asleep Eidolon 1/6 dolls ~ Thread 1

Nov 14, 2011

    1. Hi

      This page is dedicated to Asleep Eidolon Yosds. I decided to create a page for them and I hope this will encourage more people to get the dolls if they liked them.

      AE official site:

      These dolls are offered by these dealers :

      MOC -

      AEBlog -

      The available molds :

      - Dou Sha
      - Hana
      - Lotus
      - Milk Shake
      - Lian Rong

      - Adzuki bean
      - Custard
      - Lian Rong

      Body Measurements :

      There is 2 body types : A & B

      Body A Measurements (single jointed):
      - Height: 27cm
      - Circumference of Head: 16cm
      - Shoulder Width: 6cm
      - Arm Length: 7.5cm
      - Chest: 12.8cm
      - Waist: 11.5
      - Hip: 14.5
      - Leg Length: 11cm

      - Feet: 3.8cm

      Body B Measurements (double jointed):
      - Height: 27-30cm
      - Circumference of Head: 16cm
      - Neck: 5.5cm
      - Shoulder Width: 7.9cm
      - Arm Length: 7.9cm
      - Chest: 13.7cm
      - Waist: 13.2cm
      - Hips: 16cm
      - Leg Length: 11cm
      - Feet: 4.3cm

      *to be updated by time*
    2. My doll :


      Name: Joe (Joey)
      Mold: Custard
      Releasing date: August 2011

      Details :
      - Normal Skin
      - Body type B *pretty much amazing for a boy!*
      - Default face up
    3. So nice to see an owner picture of a 1/6 doll! I'm thinking of getting a Milkshake but unfortunately she's pretty far down my dollie list.
    4. I know someone from the 16 cm thread has a Custard. I can't wait to get one! they're so cute!!
    5. Oh wow this thread is dead! Are there really so few people who own 1/6 dolls from AE? I hope I can help revive this!

      I'm ordering what (Might! Depending on which of the two gets here first, the second being mister Off Topic tiny from 5stardoll, in tan, who is absolutely adorable I might add!) will be my very first BJD from the company as we speak! Mintoncards is going to be placing it tomorrow, and I can't wait! I'm getting a little Lian Rong, Male with normal skin and default faceup and Type B Body! I'm probably going to be basing him mostly off of Dean from the Tv show Supernatural, if anyone knows it! The moment I saw the sculpt, I just couldn't help myself.. He looked just like him! Far too adorable to pass up!

      If all goes well, I hope to purchase Custard too soon after! But since he'll be my first, I'm gonna hold off. Don't wanna be too trigger happy! Especially when I don't have that much extra money to spend.

      I'm so excited! Anyone have experience with how long AE Takes to ship? I really CANNOT Wait!
    6. I know supernatural! The cast has actually met people with some yoSds fashioned after them too and took some hilarious pictures that were all over tumblr for a while. XD Castiel was the worst with them!! XD
      I'm waiting on my custard right now! X3 there seems to be quite a dearth of asleep eidolon in general, which is baffling because they're really well engineered and adorable!

      From the waiting list, it's gunna be a long wait. some orders from november and january are shipping this month... I'm hoping it's faster.
    7. TatsuKitty

      Ah, I know I saw those!
      I'm actually going to a Convention At the end of August, it'd be amazing if my little Dean were here by then because I've got Photo Ops with some of the cast and I may just bring my little dude along with me if he's outtings-ready. :D

      But yeah, I know! Dude, You need to dress your Custard up as Cas for me (Even if that means putting him in his latest "Hospital Whites" Clothing attire from this season.) Just a little derpy closet cosplay, and we'll Photospam each other back and forth in this thread once we have our dolls with Cas and Dean until we bring it back to life, Haha! No one will be able to resist our AE cuteness, and soon everyone will be posting their dolls or buying them! THE PLAN IS INGENIUS!
    8. Haha! I stopped watching Supernatural before Cas hit the scene, sadly. Havok is going to be my boy mischief's son. He's gunna have a cute curly black wig and bright yellow/green eyes. x3 and some leopard spots on his tummy!
    9. Just thought I'd pop in and say I have Adzuki Bean. :)
    10. You should totally post some pics of your cutie! X3
    11. I agree! Please post pictures! We need more. :D
    12. Here are Zack's pix from the day I got him: First pix and after getting him all together as planned: Zack

      I haven't done a lot with him yet, as the character is still a baby right now and hasn't "grown into" the sculpt yet. There will be lots more pix after he "grows up", I just wanted to be sure and grab him before he got discontinued or something. :)
    13. Too much attitude for one little body! X3 He's so cute! I'm on month two of the wait... hopefully it's not too long!
    14. waiting for my dou sha :3 hehe
    15. I think Chocolate is my next...either as Zack's sister or cousin, not sure which yet.
    16. we'll see how I survive the wait and decide what other AE dolls I might want. XD
    17. MoC has a Chocolate instock, so if I grabbed her now, I wouldn't have to wait. :P but...there's that issue of no money to get her...
    18. Hi there, I wonder, how the poseability of the doll.
      I would really like to know about it :3
    19. I know the 1/12 are SOLID... they hold up to almost ltf style. I'm not sure about the 1/6 though.