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Update Asleep Eidolon Announcement to Customers

May 31, 2010

    1. From Asleep Eidolon:

      "Recently, we were informed there is an eBay seller selling Asleep Eidolon dolls. We would like to let our customers know currently the only authorized Asleep Eidolon dealers outside of China are Mint on Card from the United States, and Chantals Dolls Alley from the Netherlands. Although we can not prove if such eBay seller is selling pirated/recast versions our dolls (without actual evidence, or examining the sellers dolls), we would like to remind our customers that only dolls purchased from Mint on Card, or Chantals Dolls Alley are considered legitimate. Dolls purchased from an unauthorized seller is very likely to be knock-offs, and Asleep Eidolon will not be responsible for any product issue, or customer service for these dolls.

      Thank you

      Asleep Eidolon Team"

      This has occurred before with AE Dolls, but recently more people have been having issues with re-sold dolls and have been contacting AE about it. Asleep Eidolon's only real concern is with sellers on eBay who are selling their dolls in mass quantities. They do not mean to discourage anyone from buying a doll from someone on eBay who is selling a doll from their personal collection. Customers should contact the seller though to see where she/he originally purchased the doll.


      A DoA
      thread discussing the eBay seller in question, (Angell-Studio is having problems with them as well).

      The same announcement posted on Asleep Eidolon's forum.