Asleep Eidolon discussion

Sep 17, 2009

    1. I'm interested in an SD AE girl and I'd like to hear some words about them.

      Please share what you know.

      *mods, I searched for an AE thread 4 times before starting one, if perhaps they are listed by different names, please move me over then, thanks*

    2. I own/selling/owned a SD Yara.

      They are great posers and are actually very good quality dolls.
      The make-up AE did was pretty too.

      If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them ^~
    3. I have an Asleep Eidolon Tong girl, she is msd size and I can say she is perfect. :)
      So go for the AE SD, I think you will like her! :)
    4. That is great to hear, because Naiara who works for Chantal's dolls alley claims that the default face-ups are of such poor quality that they can't be sold.
      Do you have a close-up picture so I can see the face-up of your doll? ^_^
    5. I owned a Col who arrived with default make up (I foolishly wiped it and did a rather bad one before taking photos) and it was quite nice. Light and natural and nicely done.

      They are very lovely dolls, I haven't met the new body yet but the old body was very well made ^^
    6. Thanks for the answer. ^_^
      Is it hard to find clothes for the shorter, older body?
    7. Yep it's an odd size so you have to mix and match ^^;

      The torso is similar in size to Volks MSD, very small! But of course, the limbs are SD length.

      Obitsu clothes have been the best fit in my experience, here's Col in Obitsu dress+shoes:

      I've also found Luts Delf and Dollmore Eve clothes are quite good. Any clothes I had which fit Shinydolls well fit her at least ok.

      I'm really regretting selling my girl now, I miss her teeny body, she was so light portable XD
    8. Anyone have Mu? She looks like a real beauty...haven't seen very many pics of her, though.
    9. i really love my AE Cherry she is so cute! the face-ups are awesome considering the price! my only problem is that the double jointed legs are really really REALY wobbly i have tightened her up and everything and she is still hard to stand up even with a doll stand. but despite that im still getting the blueberry sculpt! i cant wait!

      this website is awesome!!!!! and has really good clothe for good prices!
    10. Thanks for the info, babytarragon. I was wondering what clothes fit the AE A body.
    11. Well, hearing about the "really, really, REALLY wobbly legs" thing doesn't exactly thrill me. :| But nevertheless I'd still like to get my hands on one. No one seems to have one that I can meet in person. :( Which is why she's all the way at the bottom of my list I guess. I find it really helps to find out hands-on about these dolls.
      But I'm bumping for more anyway!!! C'mon people, I need some talk!
    12. The knees (on the older 55cm body) are indeed very wobbly and need hot glue sueding. I never bothered with my girl because once balanced she stood pretty well, better than many dolls with stiffer knees but it is an annoyance before you are used to the way they behave. Just find a hot glue gun and I'm sure she'd be fine ^^
    13. are there any resin matches with other companies? i love pear, but i don't really like the bodies (i like a more mature body). does anyone know if the resin changes a lot in color between batches?
    14. Have the older 55cm (Type A) bodies been discontinued? I'm considering a Col or Yara but I want a shorter girl. XD

      Thanks in advance for any help!
    15. Yeah, that's what I want to know. I have every intention of buying the 55cm body when I order my Nuan/Warm but I don't plan on ordering her for some time, maybe like 2011 because I have dolls I need to come before her. But that would throw me off if I had to buy her now. But it would be good to know. Anyone know?
      I don't think it's possible to email MintOnCard is it? Or they make it very hard, I have yet to find an email contact for them.
    16. Same here. I'm interested but definitely don't have the funds to buy one anytime soon.

      I think I'll drop an email to MintOnCard. I managed to find their email: [email protected]

      I'll post their response here. :XD:
    17. Wow. MintOnCard already replied!

      So it looks like the Type A Body is not being phased out... at least for now. Yay! :XD:
    18. I really love the short 55 cm A body and I'm looking for a head that will fit on it. All my current floating heads are too large as the neck is only 7 cm. o_O
      The nails on the hands are a bit undetailed, but the hands themselves are large, which I like. It makes the body look more mature and less like a little girl. You have short adult women, so why not? ^_^ I find this body also curvier than the taller body.
    19. You can find our email address on our sites main page under 'Contact Us'. :) If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to email us. We always try to be prompt with our replies and usually customers get a response within 24 hours. You are also welcome to PM me here on DoA.
    20. Does anyone have Dora??
      She's such a sweetie!!XD