New Doll [Asleep Eidolon]Dream Mermaid-The Mermaid Melody Series

May 7, 2019

    1. 「Dream Mermaid-The Mermaid Melody Series
      use 32cm new girl body(mermaid body 45cm)
      Limited time:2019.4.7-2019.7.7

      A set 325USD:Mermaid doll painted tail with one set fins and tails(typeA)+ Shell bra + The default eyes
      B set 425USD:Mermaid doll painted tail with two sets fins and tails(typeA+B)+ Shell bra + the lower part of the human body(Flat feet) + The default eyes + Make-up

      Accessories 35USD:Crown + Necklace + Armband*3
      Facial tattoo 15USD
      Wig 20USD
      *Resin eyes in pictures are not selling.
      AEDOLL always use normal skin in pictures.

      Purchase:please use email to contact us.
      Email:[email protected]
      English website will coming soon.^^
      more pictures in [email protected]






      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Email:[email protected]
      Asleep Eidolon (@asleepeidolon) • Instagram photos and videos
      Asleep Eidolon
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    2. What skin color do you offer in your doll store? Do you have dark skin or tan color?
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    3. Not that I'm aware of. According to Legend Doll they only offer two shades of white and one shade of pink.
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    4. Thanks for the information. "Asleep Eidolon" is on my top wishlist but I looking alternatives with skin colors. Thanks again!
    5. [​IMG]
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    6. How can I choose both human legs and the mermaid tail?
    7. I think it depends on what site you order from. I think, generally, you have to choose a full set option. At least, that's what it looks like on Legend Doll.
    8. set B have both human legs and the mermaid tail.
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    9. Why is you web site not working??
    10. remaking now:atremblin
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    11. Hi,

      Is it possible to get a layaway on this doll and is it possible to get makeup as a separate selection for either set?

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