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Asleep Eidolon:new doll & new body

Mar 8, 2009

    1. AE has released two new dolls and two new bodies yesterday
      both lotus(open eye ver.)and yara have grown up^^

      1/3 YARA

      large yara blank head with newheadcap

      CHERRY (1/4 LOTUS)
    2. new 1/4 girl body(the blue one)

      new 1/3 girl body

      Height 58.7cm
      Girth of neck 8cm
      Girth of Head 23cm
      Girth of chest 22.5cm
      Girth of waist 17.5cm
      Girth of hip 25.5cm
      Girth of thigh 15cm
      Girth of ahsnk 15cm
      Foot length 7cm
      Width of shoulder 12cm

      further information of price please refer to AE's offical dealer
    3. Are these bodies and heads available from now on?, I was checking the chinese forum but I´m confused about release dates.
      Looks like they finally corrected the size propotions between heads and body in the 1/4 size. I hope that they also offers a bigger bust version of the 1/4 body. :fangirl:
    4. they are availiable in china,you may order directly at the offical site
      but if you want to order from overseas dealers, I can't answer your question^^;
    5. Are there any infos in the chinese forum concerning the resin color? Will there be a white skin version? o.o
    6. yup, there is WS as the old body did
      and the new1/4 body has replaced the old one, the old one will not be available
      but both the new and the old 1/3 body are available, you can choose either one
    7. That's great news :D
      Do they say anything concerning an international shop, though? ..I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions ^^;;
      So far, I have only seen their dolls at mint on card and ebay... (here and here ) :(
    8. there isn't any news of international shop, but AE has a US dealer already
      so there may not be a plan to open overseas shop
      BTW, their offical website is buildt and will be open after they take new promo pics for all dolls
    9. What is the official website and do you ship Internationally??
    10. Noema: I don't think there is a European dealer, I looked before. Though I hope I jsut missed them. Currently customs fees for anything from America to the UK are ridiculous, so I can't buy AE dolls ;_;
    11. derilan85 AE can ship internationally, you can order at their shop online
      babytarragon here is the European dealer email: heavenfamily@gmail.com
      Noema there will be both english and chinese website as they told me
      http://www.aedoll.cn/ <-and this is their offical forum, their real website haven't opened yet
    12. I just wanted to let everyone know that Mint on Card will be carrying these dolls and the new bodies. AE announces new dolls as soon as they've completed them, so it doesn't give us time to order & receive them before they are made public. :sweat We should have them in about 6 weeks.

      Actually this is not accurate. AE will still make the 'slim' 1/4 body available for those who still want it. This is what they told us via email yesterday.
    13. Lindsey, do you know if there will be small and large bust size options for the new 1/4 body, like with the previous slim one?
    14. Currently I'm not aware of any plans to release a larger bust for the 1/4 body. If AE does announce a larger bust I will be sure to let everyone know.
    15. AE has informed us that the new 1/4 body will not have a larger bust option, but the new body bust size is in between the small and large bust sizes on the slim body.
    16. hi everybody.

      i am sorry but i am rather new in doa but i saw this thread and wanted to confirm that there is a europian dealer, me :)

      i have 18 dolls on their way at this moment , one is sold allready and 1 has been reserved but for the rest they are available.

      i am not sure if i am allowed to put my storename here but the link provided a few posts ago by solarsenshi is correct.

      you can always email me for more questions

      maybe untill soon:)

    17. Is there any news on what the prices will be for the new dolls/body?
    18. Though the cost is a little higher for the new bodies, we plan on keeping the price the same. :)