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Update Asleep Eidolon's Termination of Certain Molds

Nov 2, 2008

    1. According to Asleep Eidolon (AE)'s notice released on 25th Oct 2008, some of the existing molds will be retired.
      They said that, although they felt sad about carrying out this decision, AE would then be able to consentrate more on the newer molds.

      Molds that will be retired by 25th Nov:
      Mi, Chun, Su, Tong, MIN.

      Molds that will be retired by 25th Dec:
      YARA, Jia, Tian Lang, ALICE.

      They plan to announce another major change in their production plan in early Dec. By then, some other children will also be graduated from AE.

      'All these decisions are made to help AE to grow better. We appreciate your understanding.'

      Sorry for my poor translation.
    2. I wanted to let everyone know that these molds are being retired for the Asian market only. AE is still making these molds available to us until we are ready to retire them from our market. As of right now we have not made a decision on what molds we want to discontinue, but we do know that Yara will not be one of them.

      Mint on Card, Inc
    3. That's good news. But I have a question here. Since some molds are not regularly available at Mint on Card (e.g. Chun, MIN, Tian Lang), will we still be able to order them through 'Special Order' after AE retires them for the Asian market?
    4. Chun and Min are not listed on the site because we haven't received them yet, but they are on the way! :D And yes, you will be able to Special Order any doll not listed on our site so long as we haven't retired them. Once we retire certain molds there will be a 'Retired List' posted on the Special Order section of our site, so you'll know what's still available and what's not. We will also let everyone know when we've retired a doll; it will be posted on our News section.