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Assembling Unoa Quluts Light

Mar 19, 2007

    1. Hello, I have to assemble my lovely Unoa Quluts Light: do you think that I have to glue all the parts or is better to keep separated arms and legs parts?
      someone can spare his experience with me?
      thank yuo
    2. I would suggest keeping the parts separate -- otherwise, you will encounter difficulty if they require restringing at some point.

      (I have two Unoa Lights.)

      Do you have the instructions in English, or in Japanese? If English instructions would be helpful, I have them posted on my website.


      My Unoa Light Fluorite (Artemis) sometimes has trouble with her leg parts separating, so I put a clear silicone elastic band (like the type used to tie off small braids in human hair) around the tops of each of her thighs, like a garter, and they now stay together very well, even when she's traveling.

      Best of luck!

      -- Andi :)
    3. Thank you for your suggestion and for the english instructions, I'll print them!
      I received the doll assembled, but I decided to disassemble for sanding and because the string was too tight and her legs were wide apart *_*
      Do you have a pic of your Artemis to show? This weekend I'll do a makeup to my Fluorite and I think she will become a really sweet girl ^_^

      someone have never used putty on Fluorite to cover the joint-seams on legs and bust or it's just a crazy idea?
    4. Oh, I'm back from my "doll week-end" with my friend, and I have re-assembled, sprayed and blushed my Fluorite ^_^ I also tried to make her a make up, it's not a professional work, but I'm bonding with the doll, I like her a lot!! Here she is! (bad light, bad camera, lovely doll ^_^).

    5. awww shes really cute!! I hope you didnt glue her parts together! i know their kind of daunting. my cleo was vicious when we re-strung her, but afterwards she has been a total dream! I love flourite!!!
    6. weeeee she's a cutie!

      I'm sorry I have strung her too much when I send her >__<
      actually I didn't played much with her so I hadn't noticed, or I would have done it before sending T_T
    7. Same here :) I would love to get an Unoa so the more we find out the better :) Someone told me already to go through the http://www.crescent-shop.com/ to get them, and that usually they come as a kit and you have to assembel it. But judging by the pics on here you have to REALLY assemble it, like little parts and all, and even make the wig? This would certainly be an experience for me :D I would love it :)