assembling your AR UFK (image heavy)

Sep 3, 2005

    1. this is for the people who didnt request to have an instruction booklet included with their UFK order from AngelRegion. I just got mine today so I scanned most of the booklet
      There is also an extra peice to the lower torso that snaps in place so no glue is required...atleast i didnt need it ^^;

      p.s. please dont directly link to my images :roll:


      Ta da

    2. It snapped in place for you?! Dude, then what happened with my Ami and Dana...I swear I tried everything before reaching for the glue gun.
    3. well i dunno could it of been that the boy bodies are different? it just went right in and made a snap sound... i even tested it to see if it would come out and it didnt :oops:
    4. is the S-hook n tension cord included with the UFK?
    5. yep ^^
    6. How very interesting. I guess they've changed the bodies since the last preorder. Oh, now I really wish I'd ordered this time around.
    7. Yup, they're included.
    8. someone else had the same problem because i remember her posting it and she ordered this time around for the ufk...but she also had a girl body so i dunno it might be the that =/
    9. That tutorial is really cute and easy to follow. Is it the same to restring other dolls too?

    10. i think the AR fair dolls might have extra thigh pieces, similar to the torso piece.

      it is basically the same to string any doll, but most companies have their own instructions, which could be more useful.
    11. Looking at my Elly UFK compared to the LF instructions, it seems to be mostly the same. Just the extra thigh pieces that probably need to be glued.

      Obviously you have to get a little creative and do some trial and error with the lengths for the string for the Fairs, though. ^^; But it's not hard. Got it too short the first time, then got it too long, then just eyeballed what it SHOULD be and did it that way. X3;;; Worked like a charm. ^^

      I suspect stringing the body itself will make me change my mind, but so far I'm wondering why I was ever afraid of stringing... X3;;;
    12. Wow, that's awesome that you put that up. The time will come eventually when I need to restring Hikaru, and this will be a huge help :D
    13. Wow, that pamphlet eats the "Raising your MSD" pamphlet for breakfast!

      POWER UP!
    14. they have an extra little peice that goes on the bottom part of the torso but other than that im sure its pretty much the same
    15. Thanks so much for posting this! I've added the link to this post to my fav's list so that I can refer to it whenever I need to re-string one of my dolls. :D
    16. Ok, the stringing thing I can handle. Heck, the leftovers from stringing the arms are about the right length to go from the head to one of the legs.

      I HATE SUPERGLUE. @[email protected]

      *cries 'cause it's EVERYWHERE* All over her thighs, all over my hands... X_x; FFS, is NOTHING going to go right today? T_T;;;
    17. *pats* When I had to do my girls I somehow ended up with two fingers stuck together. Not fun at all.
    18. hee hee. i like the instructions. i like how they put power up when they had to pull the strings!!! and later how it said "my hands!!"

      That was me! I had to glue the torso piece into place it didn't snap. but i had a LF ren girl not a big girl.

      That happened to me with my girl too. i had to call on my cell phone with my pinky and my ear to the floor on my phone because i had my middle and index finger of both hands glued to my dolls butt and couldn't open my door to get to the bathroom where the nail polish remover was.
    19. I love you, I don't feel as bad now. XD;;;

      How should I try removing it? Will non-acetone nailpolish remover work, or should I just sand her some more? ^^:

      I ended up stringing her with two loops of elastic for the body instead of one. It seems to have worked well enough.

      ...I'm not entirely certain I don't have her arms on backwards, though, unless AR Fair girls are supposed to not be able to put their arms fully at their sides. XD;;;
    20. I tried using acetone to remove the glue and it helps in small parts but the parts it was thicker (where my fingers were glued) i had to sand it with some 400 grit sandpaper