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Astral In Rainbow (A.I.R.) "Cinnamon" 26cm Tiny

Feb 1, 2011

    1. Is this truly all of the "discussion" there is of Cinnamon on DoA? Aww come on! Surely we're not the only ones captivated by this little creature..? x D
      I ordered mine in ws, no faceup. Anxiously waiting for the little bugger! >w< I'm a bit afraid that he'll prove to be too small for me (and a hard one to pose with the one part torso), but we'll see. Considering how huge a AIR RYU head is, I get the feeling this kid's head might be just about big enough to fit some small/thin msd body? I wish there were some comparison pics with other dolls o_O
    2. I ordered one in normal skin with faceup. This will be my first yo size doll so I kind of don't mind the waiting period because it gives me time to shop for wigs, clothes, and shoes. Mine will be a girl, I think. I mostly like girl dolls.
    3. Wow, there`s like almost nobody here. I`m just hoping s/he`ll arrive before I have to move.
    4. I have ordered this little sweetie too :) I can't wait to have her (will be a girl)
      Thin mold have ALL i need for tiny doll :)

      Mine will be normal skin without face up.
    5. I ordered this little cutie too! it was love at first sight. I thought they should be shipped within this week T_T *sigh*
    6. Yep :s Anyone got any status updates on their orders yet?

      edit // Oh dear, he's been shipped already 8D Wonder if it'll get to the customs before I've gotten to fetch another package from them. It'd be handy to be able to get them both on the same visit xD
    7. Siwoo told me the shipping would start today Monday! :D
    8. My guy shipped, but I`m at another place due to forced power outage risks. I guess I`ll have to go home when I see it`s been shipped in the morning, call and have re-delivered the same day. Poo.
    9. I have a tracking number too :D (make happy happy dance now) :D
    10. Well it`s arrived in Japan. I get to see how custom fares on her before I decide on going home tomorrow or the next day.

      I checked. It`s passed Customs so I will be going home tomorrow morning to have it re-delivered.&#12288;And hope not to die from the packed trains in the process.
    11. Cinnamon arrived!


      Personally I am very surprised at the flatness of the head. I swear there`s no forehead.
      As for the person who asked if it is on the large side, not really, her head is smaller than my Yuu`s by a bit.

      Box opening
    12. She is not neglected. I ordered her, too. No shipping info yet.

      KimaLucifer your Trauma is cute. I enjoyed your box opening. :) Take care.
    13. Yay they are arriving! Can't wait to see everyones little cinnamon

      Here's my boy:



      I love his little impish face. His head IS a rather odd shape, the headcap is pretty flat so some wigs fit strangely. I was worried that he had trouble sitting up, based on the photos on the AIR site, but he is just fine.

      KimaLucifer, your girl is a cutie! She is white skin, right? Glad that she got to you safely!
    14. mittens - Wow, your boy is really cute! I love how different he looks from the usual YoSDs. He has the default face-up? It's really well done! By the way, I love your avatar picture! ^^
    15. Wow, the default faceup really does look like the official one. I`m glad I`m not the only one with the wig fitting problem.

      Yup, mine`s a WS Cinnamon.
    16. My Cinnamon arrived! She is so cute. I paid $4.00 for freckles with the default face-up. :)

    17. My girl arrived yesterday. I had a pair of 16mm eyes ready for her but they were too big. Luckily I had one pair of 14mm. They're not the colour I would have chosen for her but they'll do until I get another pair.

      I've never put eyes into a tiny's head that didn't have a face plate. It was hard to get my fingers in there, definitely more fiddly than what I'm used to.

      Quick pic:

    18. Wow - these little kids are very cute! Congratz on their arrivals!
    19. Cinnamon decided to try a blonde wig: