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Astral In Rainbow(A.I.R) - New Head 'SAY VAMPIRE' head - (Limited Edition of 10)

Oct 20, 2009

    1. Hello!

      It's AIR's NEW Head 'SAY VAMPIRE'

      <Information of 'SAY VAMPIRE' Head>

      - Head size : about 8.7 inch

      - Eye size :

      Elf ear + Vampire fangs

      - Compatible bodies:
      The head looks good with Volks SD10 body, SD13 girl body,
      Hypermaniac 14body, Serendipity 14boy body and Luts Delf girl body.
      and.. another 56~58cm tall body (Similar in SD size..)

      - Skin color :
      - Normal skin ONLY [This skin is somewhat like 'Volks UV Pureskin Normal'. ]

      - Method of open(head-cap): Magnet

      Order: 19/Oct ~ close of quantity(10 head)

      Price: 120(USD)/one + Shipping cost(EMS)

      http://jinsiwoo.namoweb.net :aheartbea






      < Default Faceup Option - 2 Version >

      :aheartbea Ver.1


      :aheartbea Ver.2


      SAY vamp head is Limited Edition of 10 for world wide. :)

      If you want more informations & photo, Please check this homepage.

    2. she is stunning, and I just ordered her - could you tell me, does your normal skin match Dollstown orientalskin?
    3. Thank you very much for your interest!:aheartbea
      If your body is not in yellow(or little yellow..), you can use Dollstown orientalskin body. :)
      Thanks again.
      p.s: Your works(doll) are very very nice!!!
    4. will tan be avaiable in the future?
    5. Thank you for your question! :)
      I have no plan for Tan skin in Vamp SAY. Only Normal skin is available. Sorry..:(
    6. hi Siwoo!

      thank you for your kind words, your works are wonderful! Will you be selling your own sculpted body to go with these beautiful heads?
    7. hi-
      Body? Yes, It's worth a try and I'm trying now. but It's not easy to me. Ha Ha T_T Maybe.. I need long~time in making the body for my heads. sorry^^;;( I envy your success in body!)
    8. :) hey Siwoo - we are even then, because I envy you how beautifully you've finished, molded and cast your heads! for me that is so very hard! Do you do the faceups too?

      I was wondering, did you sculpt LeeHwi, Choya and Saenan as well? if so, will you ever sell their heads?
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