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[ Astral In Rainbow - A.I.R ] New Original BJD head " Rune " for SD

Aug 26, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      ★ Astral In Rainbow (A.I.R) - New Original BJD Head " Rune " ★

      It's A.I.R's NEW Original BJD Head " Rune " for SD
      If you want more informations & photo, Please check this homepage.
      → http://jinsiwoo.namoweb.net

      - Siwoo.J

      Order: 27/August/2010 ~ (Republic of Korea standard time)



      [ Information of " Rune " ]

      [ Head Size: ] about 9 inch

      [ Eye size: ] 20mm

      [ Compatible bodies: ]
      Volks SD Girl/Boy
      Volks SD13 Girl
      Luts Delf Boy
      Ariadoll 14 Elegance Girl/Sweet Boy
      Serendipity 14 Boy
      Dollkot boy
      Custom House AI boy

      [ Method of open(head-cap): ] Magnet

      [ Skin Color: ]
      - Normal [This skin is somewhat like 'Volks UV Pureskin Normal'. ]
      - White [This skin is somewhat like 'Volks UV Pureskin White'. ]









      [ PRICE ]

      120USD/One(No faceup)+ EMS shipping cost

      [ Contents ]

      Rune head + A.I.R plate + Head box + an additional magnet

      [ Default FACE-UP Option ]

      Sample photo's faceup
      + 35 USD
      Including Face-cap

      [ Order FACE-UP Option ]

      Artist: B_Hong
      + 45 USD
      Including Face-cap

      [ A.I.R ] http://jinsiwoo.namoweb.net

      Thank you very much >_ <!! ​
    2. Hi Jinwoo~ Such wonderful face you made there! Congratulations! ^^

      About the custom / order face up option, can we choose from one of the above? ^^
      Can we ask for boy's make up, too? And can we order by PM-ing you?

      Sorry for the many questions! &#44048;&#49324;&#54633;&#45768;&#45796;~ (_ _)

    3. This is a limited, correct? For how long will you be accepting orders for the Rune head?
    4. I want to order as well, but I am a first time buyer and don't really know how. The site is kind of confusing. Please let me know what I have to do to order and how long I have to place my order. Thank you.
    5. Thank you!!
      1. Custom order faceup

      If you choose the "order faceup option", You can order the New style faceup just what you ordered.
      But If you want choose from one of the above, You can order the default faceup. But We can not accept Ver.Milk(Boy's) & Ver.Strawberry's faceup style. because That faceup done by another artist not 'B_hong'. ^^; Sorry.

      2. PM/E-mail order
      Yes, I can accept DOA PM or E-mail order.
      But if it is possible, please order by website board! ^^

      p.s: Sorry about my poor english.^^;;

      We'll take the order for the present.
      We don't have any plan for close the order.
      Rune is not limited.
      Thank you. ^^
    6. Thank you and sorry.
      You can order now.
      and..This is guide to order.
      * please click this link : http://jinsiwoo.namoweb.net/img/howtoorder.jpg

      Thank you for your interesting!! : )
    7. WOW! Rune's head is GORGEOUS! She is so lovely, she reminds me of a delicate doe. My goodness she is stunning! :D