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ASYD limited head from IOS

Apr 24, 2008

    1. Check it out, there's only 3 ASYD heads available.

      From site http://ios7.dothome.co.kr/set.html

      Pic of ASYD (uploaded to my photobucket)



      ******* ASYD. Limitation 3 head.********

      Skin colors : 2 Former nomal / 1 Former white

      Total Price : 280$(containing transporting fee)
      ** It will be EMS transportation.
    2. how does one go about purchasing the head?

      edit: so there are only THREE of these heads? oh god i want him VERY badly..but hell be sold out before i get the money :(
    3. Uploaded new pics from her korean site. It's an ASYD head, only 3 available. Orders are done in her BSS board.
    4. try this again:
      two heads have been ordered, one NS and one unknown. that means one left
    5. the red-haired is Garsh in normal skin. the black-haired is ASYD.

      and as of this time at the "Notice" ASYD is already "sold out" (but i think you can still try asking for him, in case anyone from the board backs down from actually purchasing =).)