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at AjumaPamaUSA and CheeryDollUSA

Jul 25, 2008

    1. I have added a new pre-order for SD/SD13 Boys and Girls and for U-Noa size. Some items are only available in limited quantities.
      Pre-order ends August 3rd at 9 AM EST.

      Also, at AjumaPamaUSA, there is a pre-order on costumes for SD/SD13 Girls. There is a Nurse, Maid (2), Sailor, and Witch costumes. Available to pre-order until August 15th, 9 AM EST.

      I have added a half a dozen or more, new SD/SD13 Boys and Bermann/Hound outfits to CheeryDollUSA. Orders are placed every Saturday morning at 9 AM EST.

    2. bump up for today
    3. Around how long will it take for the costumes to arrive? ( I just preordered the Witch) :)
    4. I will be sending in the "Event" costume orders every Saturday morning, so that will be less waiting right off the top. Usually it takes 4-6 weeks for them to make everything I need in my orders. Maybe these will be quicker, I can't promise so I will rely on past shipments.