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At LAST - Mature-Body MSD (Serendipity Ismy Girl)

Oct 20, 2005

    1. Following up on Tinybear's post, I went to dollndoll.com to see more photos of the new Serendipity dolls (they're currently taking pre-orders), and . . . ohmygosh, the Ismy girl is just gorgeous, and she's got a more womanly figure than any of the other MSDs other than the large bust Unoa . . . woohooo!!!

      Ismy Girl

      Ismy Sleeping Girl (you can see her breasts more clearly here)

      Obligatory nude doll warning!! :)

      OMG, my bank account and my soul belong to BJDs!!!

      -- Andi :D

      P.S. The Ismy head is also available on a boy body, they're meant to be twins :>
    2. She is really nicely sculpted, especially her head. It's good to see how different the Serendipity head molds are in comparison. :)
    3. Wow, she is lovely.
    4. Oh..she's so pretty! If only I wasnt saving for an Unoa! I think I may have to add her to my wish list. It looks like she poses much better than Sharmin.
    5. I love the girls body and the dreamy head
      I wish they had done a dreamy boy ... I think he would have looked lovely like that
    7. Wait, what about CP Mini Fee? :wink:
    8. LOL we are SO spoilt !!

      I never in my wildest dreams thought there would be so many wonderful dolls coming out.

      I am really loving her body! and her pretty face.
      So they are taking preorders?

      CP Mini Fee are extra endowed :o
    9. got to admit ...I like the Mini Fee

      I would love an Unoa Size EL ... or Hound ...my idea of heaven
    10. Looks like she ahs double-jointed elbows, and carved out hollows on the back of the thighs to allow for better posing.. finally a mini I would consider...
    11. Oops!! You're right, I forgot, since they're not out yet and nobody has one. Mini-Soo is even more . . . boobtacular *grin*

      Okay, so who's going to be the first person to hold a wet t-shirt contest with a Unoa girl, a Mini-Fee, and an Ismy??!? ;D

      -- Andi (going to hell for that last comment . . . but dammit, I love minis, but I don't like the idea of them having to be childlike in proportions!)

      P.S. Ismy is my favorite new mini . . . I still want a Unoa, but I'm waiting 'til the new ones come out so that the prices aren't so crazy . . . but I want an open-eyed Ismy to keep my minis company, eeeee!!
    12. Hey Ashbet did you order Ismay?

      I am loving her too!
    13. Not yet -- I'm dead broke!! :barf

      I think that I will if/when my SSDI determination comes through (I haven't been able to work in a year because my fibromyalgia has affected my hands really badly) . . . I'm getting Hypermaniac Na-Hu first, though!! *love*

      I'd love to bring Ismy home to join my family!!

      -- Andi :)
    14. I loved her body, I just didn't like the neck much but, wow, the body is still WONDERFUL! - and the girl face is adorable tooo!!
    15. I think the sloping shoulders are really pretty, what don't you like about the neck?

      Is it too think for your taste?
    16. I thought I was safe when I didn't fall for the mini fees... but this girl is just... She's so delicate and almost sad looking... I like her>.< I also like her dreaming, and I usually don't like dreaming dolls at all. GAH.
    17. wow interesting

      There are several changes you should watch out for.^^

      that is peculiar and fantastic joint structure with her threefold elbow, twofold knee and thigh.

      The boy and the girl have wonderful new pose ability.
      The girl rocks, the boy I also don't like the small and high chest also his legs seem a bit to female.
    18. OH MY GOD COOL. Holy crap, I wonder if Serendipity will be selling this body seperately or maybe releasing it with the other heads on it?

      Damn it, now I have three beautiful 43 cm dolls to try to decide on. :cry:
    19. The dollmore site is also selling her and has a funny line:

      7. she's skin color is very bright pink.

      NO I don't think its a very bright pink!