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At last - September Issue of Dollicieux is up!

Sep 12, 2005

    1. Hi all,

      The September issue of Dollicieux is now up! It took some time as we hit a lot of bumps along the way. This month we’re featuring Impdoll in the Fashion File, the beautiful Sioned is our cover girl, Kim reports on BJDs at Otakon, the winning numbers from last month’s contests are announced and a NEW section that I’m completely in love with which we’ve titled “Through an Artist’s Eyes” features the fab Kiriko Moth.

      I hope you all get a chance to check it out and really hope you enjoy the issue. Work has already begun on the October issue which is going to be a holiday special (for those of us who adore Halloween there is no other holiday ;).

      Take care
    2. Wow! Great issue, Lyssa!!! Of course, I'm a proud mom seeing Kiriko's excellent work on two of my kids featured! :D
    3. Looks awesome!!

      My daughter was delighted to see her Artemis (Unoa Light) mentioned in the feature article!! :)

      -- Andi <3
    4. Lyssa, you do such a phenomenal job with this ezine. It never ceases to amaze me.
    5. *applauds* Wonderful as ever. Thank you!
    6. Another great issue! I love the eye lash tutorial by Kiriko Moth, wowie :D

      I lost all my email a while back, is there any record of the who winning numbers belong to? :oops:
    7. My web browser just takes me to the August edition. What am I doing wrong??? :?
    8. Thankies everyone! I can't take all the credit (tempting as it may be ;) ) But I let everyone know how much their work is appreciated. I'm really happy it's being enjoyed.

      Both winning numbers have been claimed as of today. Sorry to those who didn't win, better luck next time :daisy

      Kellyhime - isn't Kiriko's article great?! I really love this new section. Of course your kids are lovely! Maybe they need to be in the Spotlight?!

      Ashbet - I wanted to include a picture of Artemis but she was so tiny she didn't show up well in the pictures. Maybe she'd like to do a Spotlight? :wink:

      kaypot - the webguy says go to the website, hold control (or mac function key if you're on a mac) and press the F5 key simulataneously. This should cause the browser to force refresh. (that is literally what he told me when I went and asked :) ) LMK if it doesn't work.

      Thanks again everyone!
    9. Oh wow! That artists article was great! I think the tutorials are my favorite part of this magazine :D
    10. This is one of the best ezines ive ever seen, (if not the best)

      All of the articles are really well written, And im in the OTAKON article!!! :D (does happy dance). and that faceup tutorial is excellent! I cant wait to see the next issue :grin:
    11. Lyssa, I loved this issue! As always, it makes me impatient to see the next! Very useful and interesting articles. You'll end up with this mag being twice as long as it is now, with no trouble - so much to write about! Good work! :grin:
    12. I'm clicking on the Dollicieux logo in the post and it just takes me to the August issue. Can someone please make a link for the September issue? I attempted to get to it thru Google but just ended up in the August issue again. Thanks in advance. I really look forward to each and every issue.
    13. The link should be for whatever the newest issue is. Not a particular issue.
      Some people have said their computer is bringing up the old issue, it's not checking to see if there is newer information, and displaying what is cached. Clear your cookies and cache and see if that helps.

      If all else fails here's the link to issue four directly http://www.dollicieux.com/vol1iss4/index.html (hope you don't mind Lyssa)
    14. kaypot - did you get it working now?

      frzndaqiri - Not at all, thank you so much! I always appreciate help.

      Everyone - I'm so happy you're enjoying the ezine! You've all given me warm fuzzy feelings inside! I love to know that people are enjoying Dollicieux :grin:

      *smooches to you all*