Preorder + Atelier Momoni Doll + 2016 LE50 Nena02 Lavender Pink & Iced Blue +

Jan 5, 2016

    1. Hello and welcome to Nena02 2016 LE50 Nena02 Lavender Pink & Iced Blue + pre-order.

      Nena02 Reira Iced blue and Nena02 Reira Lavender Pink

      This is a 50 Limited Edition Preorder, this colors wont be available again for preorder~
      The preorder time is from 2016 Jan 05 ~ Jan 15 CET (central european time)

      Left Nena02 Reira Lavender Pink and right Nena02 Reira Iced blue

      The price of each doll is 495$ Iced blue or Lavender Pink.

      This time you can order Reira you can add Rei as extra faceplates too.
      The price of an extra faceplate is 72$ for both colors.

      + Face up options: Basic 40$.

      You can request freckles or beauty marks at no extra cost.
      Please notice that each doll will be paint by hand so they might not look exactly the same as the picture sample.

      + Rakeru Sense LE15 Face-up Option:

      The talented Rakeru was very kind to offer an exclusive 15 slots for Nena02 Rei & Reira preorder.

      This is only a reservation.
      If you choose to add Rakeru Sensei faceup to your cart you will not be charged at the moment, Rakeru herself will contact you personally.

      For more information about Rakeru Sensei works please visit this page:
      Sensei´s Make Up: order

      This offer can be chosen by purchasing a full Nena02 doll only, not valid with optional faceplates, clothing or accessories.

      Box, cushion, certificate of authenticity and signed LE print will be included.

      The doll is made using environmental friendly non-solvent-based resin, whose strength is more strong than ordinary resin, reducing the failure rate. According to ultraviolet radiation test this resin has anti-UV and anti-yellowing properties. It will distribute a certain fragrance and has a certain degree of transparency. It feels like real, smooth skin.

      + Shipping cost:
      One doll for customers in Europe is 20$, outside Europe 35$.

      + Layaway option available:
      · Pay an initial deposit of $100 now plus shipping to your location
      · Pay the rest 50% after 30 days.
      · Pay the final 50% 30 days later.

      Deposits are non refundable in any case.
      Estimated arrival date in 45-90 days.

      ++ For EEUU customers ++

      If you want to place your order in Euro currency, please leave a note in your order and will contact you.



      Height: 35cm
      Shoulder wide: 7cm
      Bust: 11cm
      Hips: 17cm
      Foot Length: 4,3cm

      12mm, not included.

      Can use Volks YoSD (and equivalent sizes) or 4,5cm.

      Can use 6 to 6'5 inches wigs.

      Fit for Chibi Unoa, MinoruWorld Jr, Iplehouse KID and equivalent sizes


      Thank you very much for reading :pcupcake
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