Preorder Atelier Momoni Doll + Momoni & Momonita Summer Preorder

Jun 18, 2017

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      Are you ready? :3

      From June 18th to July 3rd GMT Momoni & Momonita will available for preorder, layaway option it’s available as usual.

      This will be the only preorder for them this year, don’t miss it!

      Momoni is 40cm tall and will be available in Petal, Sand, Toffee and yes! Cocoa skin also by demand.
      Momonita is 27cm tall and will be available in Petal, Fresh, Sand, Caramello, Toffee and Cocoa skin.

      As always for the faceup we got Rakeru’s Sensei as a collaboration and Youko’s Lair.
      Please check their websites for more info.

      SHOP at Atelier Momoni +

      For more information about how preorder works please check this note:

      Atelier Momoni +
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Thanks for reading~​
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    2. Can we have a working link to their website?
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    3. Opps sorry! Fixed the broken link already.
    4. Thank you!
    5. moved to pm instead
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    6. Perfect pming you back ~
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    7. thanks for the reply i switched this conversation to pm, now that i know who to talk to :)
    8. The pop-up for me only appears while using Firefox on my Macbook, I don't have the security problems with Safari. I believe Chrome may be fine as well. You would then access Paypal that is https:// secure. I like sending and receiving detailed Paypal invoices as well, so that may be the way to go.

      Also Atelier Momoni's webshop had to pass security tests for it to use Paypal as a means of payment.

      I hope you can get your Momonita, she's a dream.
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    9. I was using firefox on my desktop, I will see if I can get it to work using a different browser on my laptop instead. thanks for the replies. in the past with other sites that had problems we just had to get the address of the secure version instead and input it manually, since some browsers can fail to switch to the secure page for the data entry. I wasn't trying to imply that her site was "bad" just that I needed to find the secure version before inputting any data.

      I hope I can get her too, she is adorable!
    10. just a quick note to say that flonne and i were able to sort everything out by pm and she has been extremely helpful. i look forward to ordering /receiving my doll! :)