New Doll Atelier Momoni Doll + Momonita 27cm Artist Doll

Nov 10, 2016

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      Are you ready for Momonita preorder? Cause it’s finally here!

      From November 07 to November 20th you can order yours, layaway option it’s available as usual.

      Don’t miss the chance to get the new 27cm artist doll Momonita, just like her big sister Momoni but little and cute as a button.

      Please visit the website for more info:

      SHOP at Atelier Momoni +

      For this first preorder I have chosen a wide range of colors! Also there are two new colors: Petal, a really pale pink skin and Caramello, a lovely tan color like Toffee but with a warmer feeling.

      As always for the faceup we got Rakeru’s Sensei as a collaboration and joining for this preorder Youko’s Lair. Isn’t it great? Please check their websites for more info.

      Are you not sure about the size of Momonita? Here you have a comparison picture ;3


      Thanks for reading~
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