Atelier Momoni "Momoni" 40cm

Mar 24, 2016

    1. Atelier Momoni "Momoni" 40cm!
      I'm so excited about this girl! I've watched her come to life with excitement from the moment @Flonne started sculpting her, and am so happy that tomorrow (march 25th) the pre-order will finally be opening! Is anyone here going to be ordering her? :) It'd be nice to chat plans here.

      Here are some photos from Lola's Flickr account:
      [​IMG]Momoni Measures + by Lola Palacios, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Momoni x Momoni by Lola Palacios, on Flickr
      [​IMG]MMN! ✨ #doll #bjd #artistdoll #momoni #ateliermomoni by Lola Palacios, on Flickr
      [​IMG]The chair~ by Lola Palacios, on Flickr
      Strike a pose~
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    2. I just placed an order for a cocoa skin girl. So gorgeous! What are you going for?
    3. I've had my eyes on her for a while! I'm really excited that the pre-order is opening. I don't think I'll be able to get her, but can't wait to hear everyone's plans!
    4. Me!!! I am so excited, this doll is absolutely breathtaking, I hope there are loads of Momonis for everyone to share! I'm getting Cocoa and possibly a Sand, I am unsure yet. I'd want a Rainbow of Momonis!
    5. Congrats! I ordered cocoa skin too! I think she's perfect, I ordered without face up and got the little black shoes too :aheartbea

      Aw I wish could, Momoni for all! But at least you will get to see our pics here :)

      Yay! yesss the more the better lol! How exciting :D
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    6. I also went for a Rakeru Sensei face up slot. I'm having waaaaay too much fun planning this girl!
    7. Oh awesome! I considered it but I think I'll wait :)

      Me tooooo! I'm already commissioning clothes for despite the fact it will be 90+ days :whee:

      What do you have in mind for yours?
    8. I decided to splurge on this lovely girl. <3 She's going to be a glamour girl who is in to urban fashion. I'm actually having way to much fun using some of my favorite paper doll design sites to come up with ideas. How about you?
    9. Awesome!! Mines gonna be similar actually, both urban glamourous and sporty. I think she's a dancer or something XD here is the mood board I have created for her: @cesspit_ on Instagram: “Plans for my Momoni ❤️ now gonna spend 4ish months obsessing over her name ”

      All I really need to do is buy the mohair for her wig and find her a name! I really can't think of anything perfect.
    10. Love it! I'm leaning towards the afro punk side of things.
    11. She is a lovely sculpt, I really like the cocoa tan variety, tho sadly my funds will not allow me to participate in this pre order, maybe next time. I hope you all enjoy planning for your new girls, and I cant wait to see the results when you finally get them,
    12. They are so cute! I am still debating whether I should preorder her or not, I love the cocoa skin and her poseability but not so sure about the little girl look. Hopefully there's still a few days to think it over :-p
    13. OMG!! I love tht style- I'm planning it for another incoming doll! I cannot wait to see your girl!!! How exciting :)

      Aw I'm sorry to hear that. Lola mentioned she might not offer these two colours again but I'm not sure if that's definite.

      I see what you mean she does have a youthful look, but I think most MSD do. I'm certain mine won't end up looking like a little girl when I'm done with her :kitty2
    14. Teehee Allstar I am really curious to see what you'll do with her :))
    15. Yay! It's one of my favorites. Who are you doing it with?
    16. I'm not sure if she's on topic yet but its a Kaykedolls Coffee.
      I've made a pinterest board (here) for how she's gonna look if you're interested :)

      And to keep this more on topic this is my pinterest board inspiration for my Momoni (damn she needs a name). Does any one else collect inspiration like this for incoming dolls? I guess its like nesting hehe. What do you guys do?
    17. She's absolutely precious <3 Wouldn't fit in with my girls but I love her
    18. Ha, we've even pinned some of the same things! I love it, and can't wait to see your afro punk girl. Here's the board for my Momoni, still very much in progress.
    19. She is really cute, bit her price at dolk station is really high :atremblin