Atelier Momoni "Momoni" what fits?

May 6, 2017

    1. Hello hello! I've been looking around DoA but I couldn't find a thread that would help me.

      I'm looking for clothes for my Momoni girl, however the little miss has a HUGE booty and no removable head (only removable face). Does anyone know some shops on Etsy which sell shoes, pants and tops fitting Momoni? (if you can, please post a picture of your doll with clothes and shoes, it is not necessary but it would help me to know what it looks like, and also, eye candy) thanks for your help!
    2. I read on Momoni's Instagram weeks ago that Momoni was not "big butted" but pear sized, so basically Lola was telling that Momoni fit minifee clothes, but the waist is smaller than Minifee.
    3. Andreja (Nicole's Dreams) did a comparison between Momoni and her Minifee. She briefly talks about clothes around 2:50.
      Hopefully it helps a bit.

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    4. Most Minifee clothes do fit Momoni. Kid Delf bottoms do not, the hips are too narrow. A lot of my YoSD shirts are perfect for her because her chest is so small. Her head IS removable. After you take off the face plate, the head back is held in place with a ring that works just like an S hook. I take mine's head off all the time.


      Here's my girl wearing a Minifee sweatshirt from Sora BJD Fashion and Minifee shorts from Kawkana Style on Etsy.

      Here she is in a blouse and skirt from goodbyeyouhellome.
      Here she is in an Atelier Momoni MSD dress.
      Here she is in jeggings and a crop top from Monstro Designs with a Starshine Designs tshirt.
      Here she is in a skirt and bustier from Monstro Designs.
      Here she is in a Kawkana shirt, Guppy Kisses skirt, and Sadol Cutie40 socks.

      All of these clothes fit my Minifee and Kid Delf too.
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    5. Oh, I didn't know you could remove the face without having to re-string the entire doll! I'll have to try next time. Thank you for your post, it's extremely useful:). After buying a legging for my doll I realised some msd pants do fit. However I'm still hesitant depending on the clothing type, as some clothes that are for Fairyland's A line cannot even fit the moe line body, so with a Momoni it would be impossible.