Atelier Momoni Nena02 Reira... What fits?

Oct 31, 2016

    1. Hi!

      I just bought one of my grail dolls here on DOA, a Atelier Momoni Nena02 Reira

      I was wondering what clothes, shoes and wigs she will fit

      Links to shops would be very nice <3

      Thanks in advance :)
    2. My poor girl has only one dress. It's an Iplehouse kid dress from etsy (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention the seller). The length is great but it needs altering at the top. I hope some others can help as I need some tips too!
    3. Thank you <3

      I heard she even fits some minifee clothes

      I think I am going to make her some clothes by myself ^_^
    4. I think that Atelier Momoni herself had a specific clothing line for them. So if you check her official website you can see what she has in stock or you can email her to check :)
    5. Revival!
      I have had success with Sparkle Girls clothing and mostly anything that fits on Dollpamm Loli girls.
    6. Barbie curvy tops fit her. And dresses although they will be very short.