Atelier Momoni Service Review

Feb 6, 2020

    1. * What did you order?
      An Atelier Momoni Pitusa Somni

      * When did you order?
      12 August 2019

      * How was the communication?
      Not optimal tbh

      Lola posted on social media in late July that she wanted to make a Pitusa pre-order to close the year and "by doing this the dolls will arrive before December!". So I ordered and didn't think too much about it.

      On 21th October she mentioned in a comment on a post that wasn't related to the pre-order: "the waiting time is always 120 working days so they will arrive - to me - in December". Ok, so not before December, but in December. Fair enough.

      The 120 working days are also mentioned on her website, but due to her posting that she expected to receive the dolls first before December, and now in December I figured it would be in early December. But after a few days I started counting. And I could not get things to add up. Because 120 working days (monday-friday) from the 20th August would not be until late January. I asked people if working days counted saturdays as well in that part of the world, but even counting saturdays didn't add up (it would be early january). Only if counting all weekdays would the dolls arrive in december.

      I presented this to Lola in late october, because I figured she might have counted wrong or something, and either way would maybe want to update her estimates on SoMe. The answer I got was that she hadn't counted but had just said an approximate date to get people off her back. Again, somewhat understandable, but I told her I had counted and it didn't add up with what she had posted.

      But she didn't change her estimates in later posts, she just stopped posting about the pre-order entirely.

      In December (around the 10th I think) someone - again - asked when she would ship out the august pre-order in a comment and only got the answer "They haven't been shipped to me yet". Although I told her in October that her numbers weren't adding up. She didn't post anything about the pre-order again until 2nd January, where she mentions that she expects to receive the dolls on January 7th.

      On January 7th she receives the dolls, notices that some are in the wrong color, but posts nothing about what to expect if your doll has arrived in the wrong color.

      On January 10th she posts that she'll start sending the week after and that emails had been sent out to everyone whose doll came in the wrong color.

      On January 14th she posts that she is a bit delayed with packing. Then nothing more is posted about the pre-order.

      On January 23rd I write to ask if my order shipped yet, because I still had not received a shipping notice. She answers that all orders have shipped, but that she hadn't received all tracking numbers yet. She promises to check with the postal service. I get a shipping notice the next day. I finally received the doll two days ago on the 3rd of February.........

      People have been unsatisfied with her communication. I have been unsatisfied with her communication. I get that she is alone and it's a lot of work, but then she needs to get someone to help her manage the Social Media or something.

      I might still get other dolls from her, but I'll not be paying much attention to what is posted on social media, because it might not be helpful at all.

      Just something for future customers to be aware of.

      * How easy was it to pay?
      Pretty easy. I paid in full.

      * How long did it take to ship?
      5 months

      * Were there any missing or broken items in your order?

      * If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?
      There weren't any hiccups with my ordet

      * Would you order from this company again?
      I probably will, because I really like how posable the bodies are. I was not impressed with the communication though.
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